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The Bridegroom in the Clouds book series and ministry was born from a difficult time in my life. In 2006, I ended up separating from my boyfriend Joe, someone I knew in my heart that I was meant to be with. In my heartache I found myself in the desert. However, God showed up in my desert, sustaining me and revealing Himself to me in supernatural ways. He also gave me a promise, telling me that Joe and I would be together again, a promise He later confirmed by writing Joe's name in the clouds. During my time in the desert, I began documenting what God was doing in my life on a voice recorder. A year later, God led me to return to these recordings and use them to write my testimony. As I did, I discovered that God had been using my journey to weave a message of hope, that He wanted to use my story, and His promise to me that my bridegroom would come back to me, to represent Christ's return someday on the clouds.​ For, as God was faithful to His promise to me, He will be faithful to us all.


This story revolving around God's promise to me, as I then came to find out, was only the beginning, a starting off point to all God wanted to speak about. So now married to Joe, my bridegroom, God continues to orchestrate the events in my life in order to speak about being the Bride of Christ and about how we should live in preparation for Christ's return - living lives that testify to Jesus. You can read my full testimony in Bridegroom in the Clouds: Book One - The Promise and Bridegroom in the Clouds: Book Two - Bridge Stories

Through my story, God reveals His desire to have conversational intimacy with each of His children. He expresses His desire that His children learn how to experience Him on a deeper level so that they will begin to have stories worth testifying about. It is time to testify! It is time to start using our God-given gifts and talents to testify to Jesus within this ever-darkening world. For, we were meant to shine the light of Christ through all we do. It is time to awaken Revelation 12:11. God has already overcome the enemy through the blood of Jesus, now He wants to continue overcoming him through the Word of our testimonies, through the power of Christ within our lives. 


My hope is that you will be inspired by the supernatural manifestations of God in my life and through them learn how to discover God’s unique path for yourself, through both the big and small events of your life. I pray that you will grow deeper in your relationship and intimacy with Jesus, awaken once again to His return, find revival in your heart, and step out of your comfort zone to reach others for Christ through testifying. Join me!

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