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Hear Message to Us, His Bride.
God has been unfolding a prophetic word through my life. It started with "God's Unfolding Message" - Video Series 1, then "God's Mission Protocol" - Video Series 2, and now "The Unveiling" - Video Series 3.

The Unveiling

Please watch these videos in order if you are able for God builds upon His message with each video. He has also been adding to this message almost weekly, so please keep coming back to hear more. You can also find most of them in written form in the Blog section. Thank you for joining me on this journey. It wasn't meant just for me. You can find the new videos here or by subscribing to my YouTube channel. 

Please join me in "The Unveiling" - Series 3: "
Video 1 - The Unveiling


2. Time to Give Birth


3. Not the When but the What


4. We Are Part Two


5. From Trial to Testimony


6. Season of Great Joy


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