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Hear "God's Mission Protocol" to Us, His Bride.
God has been unfolding a prophetic word through my life. It started with "God's Unfolding Message" which consists of 21 videos. If you haven't already watched this first series, please consider going back and starting in "God's Unfolding Message" as this new series of videos is a continuation. God has been building upon His message and it would greatly benefit you to start from the beginning. 

God's Mission Protocol

Please watch these videos in order if you are able for God builds upon His message with each video. He has also been adding to this message almost weekly, so please keep coming back to hear more. You can also find most of them in written form in the Blog section. Thank you for joining me on this journey. It wasn't meant just for me. You can find the new videos here or by subscribing to my YouTube channel. 

Please join me in "God's Unfolding Message - Series 2: God's Mission Protocol."
Video 1:


2: God's Marching Orders


3. God Wants to Loose His Love


4. Overcoming Fear 


5. Have Hope! God is Our Freedom.


6. Time to Go Deeper


7. Time for the Big Time


8. Step by Step We Will Make Christ Famous Again


9. We Were Created to be Victorious


10. Four Freeing Steps Towards Obedience


11. No More Hiding


12. How Will You Live?


13. Fall into Me


14. Blow Trumpet, Blow


15. Revival is at Hand


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