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Hear About God's Appointed Times for Us, His Bride.
God has been unfolding a prophetic word through my life. It started with "God's Unfolding Message" - Video Series 1, then "God's Mission Protocol" - Video Series 2, then "The Unveiling" - Video Series 3, and now "God's Appointed Times."

Please join me in "God's Appointed Times" - Series 4: "
Video 1. Hearing the Final Trumpet Blast - Happy Feast of Trumpets


2. My Glimpse of the Lake of Fire - A Message for Yom Kippur


3. Happy Feast of Tabernacles - Christ came once to tabernacle with us and He is coming again!


4. Why Wait for the Great Advnture? We Need Re-Dedication Now. (A Message for Hanukkah.)

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