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FEAR = Fantasy Eating At Reality

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

("God's Unfolding Message" Series 1, Post 3)

It took several days of reflection to really take in what happened. It was something that you never think will happen to you. Just a few short days ago we were in a terrible car accident. A man ran a stop sign and hit us. Our car spun around several times and then flipped four times landing upside down. But, what it really took for all of this to sink in was a comment from someone close to me that has to visit crash sites like ours frequently for a living. I mentioned how rare it must be for people not to be rushed to the ER. She then replied, “I’ve seen enough of these to know that people in accidents like this don’t go to the ER. (Pause) They’re dead.” I started crying. God saved our lives. There is no other explanation, especially when it comes to my 2 year old daughter. The other car hit us right on her door. She got the most impact yet she has the least wear and tear. A few bruises but nothing serious. None of us went to the hospital.

Accidents like this happen really fast yet in slow motion all at the same time. Our side airbags deployed so as we were spinning and flipping all I could see was white. And all I remember thinking is, “How is this going to end? When the car finally stops will we be alive at the end of it?” Again, although landing upside down, we were alive. I heard my daughter crying which brought comfort. Yet, still fearful that we wouldn’t be able to get out until someone came for us. My husband however stepped into his hero mode and started assuring me that he could get us out, and he did, starting with our daughter. Before I got out of the car I could hear other people. God had sent a car with two young ER nurses. They took our daughter into their car and examined her. They were also just a comfort to me with their words, smiles, and hugs. I couldn’t seem to hug them enough. I was so thankful they were there and let them know it. God took care of us from every angle.

I can’t stress enough the importance of seat belts and a proper child car seat. But this isn’t a plug for vehicle safety. This is a shout out of thanks and testimony to a Living God and His protective embrace. He is real, alive, and will get you through anything. The night of the accident I asked God why this had happened. He reminded me of how I have been locked in a struggle with fear for many years now. He then pointed out that He just protected me through my worst case scenario. And He did. He then brought to my mind an acrostic He had taught me a long time ago for the word fear: FEAR= Fantasy Eating At Reality. How true that it! It’s fantasy because God is in complete control. He offers peace in any battle because He has overcome the world. As John 16:33 says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Jesus already has the victory and therefore nothing ever happens without His complete control. Let’s all take great comfort in this truth!

I had a brand new Bible in my glove box during the accident. It happened to be the Bible I reached for while looking up that verse above. Anyway, although brand new, it took more bumps and bruises than we did. It’s pretty banged up. What a picture of Christ! He took our iniquities (bumps and bruises) overcoming the world so that we could have peace in the battle, any battle. Praise God!

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