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God's Mission Protocol: Series 2 of God's Unfolding Message

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

("God's Mission Protocol" Series 2, Post 1)

*God called me to start a new series: God's Mission Protocol. If you have not watched/ and or read the previous content under "God's Unfolding Message," I encourage you to do so as God has been building upon His message. Thanks!

6-5-22 Pentecost Sunday

God laid it on my heart this morning to start a new video/blog series and to call it “God’s Mission Protocol.” This made since to me since He revealed to me that His last message in “God’s Unfolding Message” was His pre-mission briefing.

So, with this on my mind, in church God said:

Oh, My love, what joy awaits you as you continue to step out in faith. Susan, the journey will continue for experiencing Me is an ongoing process. You know this. My message will always be ongoing until My Son returns, for this is My heart. I long to speak to My children and My voice will be heard. It will ring out, even more so in these last days. The season of great wooing has come. The final push. As you just spoke to that naysayer, this world is within the season of My favor and invitation. (I messaged back and forth this morning with someone on Instagram encouraging them to seek God’s invitation to know Him more). However, the season will soon turn to judgment. Once that ark door closes, the flood of judgment will come and those that refused My invitation WILL perish. They will be lost. BUT My people, this season has not come yet. Instead, I am awakening you now once again to this season of invitation, of sowing seeds. It is time to awaken My people to the season that is upon you - a season of grace and revival, for soon the seasons will change and there will be no going back. My people, Satan has known how important this season of grace has been which is why he has fought your productivity and My people you have given into his tactics. Television - oh My evil foe. If My people only spent half the time they sit in front of this idol in My presence, what a different world you would live in. BINGE WATCH ME My people. Nothing you could witness on that device can or will compare to the adventure I would give you if you would sit at My feet and worship Me. My Spirit has laid dormant within you as you have zoned out hour upon hour with that evil device. I’m not telling you to get rid of your television. I’m just asking what will you do with it? There are people scattered all over this earth crying out like My daughter, speaking messages that I instilled within them. Seek and find these voices and let them revive you. I long to revive you. I long to redeem your lost time and I can do it. You just have to let Me. You have to let Me direct you. I will lead you to the correct voices, to those filled with My Spirit, crying out My heart. Do not despise prophecy My people for it is a very real and important gift through My Spirit. My people, I am the Word. Who are you to tell Me to stop writing, to stop speaking? As I told My daughter, I will NEVER stop speaking, not until My glorious will is accomplished on earth. Holy Spirit fall afresh upon My people. Make My voice heard, My glorious voice. False prophets do and will exist and I know this scares My people, but don’t let this fear prevent you from finding truth and experiencing Me and My words in a new way. Trust My discerning Spirit. He will guide you. I promise.

At this point I looked up and noticed on the overhead screen that it said “Graduation Sunday” and was accompanied by a picture of people in their caps and gowns. My daughter asked, “What is that?” I said, “When you go all the way through school you wear that. You graduate.” Instantly the words that came to my mind were: “It’s time to graduate!”

I knew God was speaking, especially since I went to church expecting My pastor to talk about Pentecost for it was Pentecost Sunday. But he neither talked about Pentecost or mentioned, that I heard, that it was Pentecost Sunday. I also thought this was odd because graduation Sundays usually take place on Mother’s Day or at least in May. So, I knew God was in this, especially as He had inspired me to start a new series on the way to church. After all, within my last video God talked about actually graduating to a new level. He is serious.

I then heard:

It’s time to graduate My people. It’s time to apply that head-knowledge. It’s time to truly live by My spirit. It’s time to find your spiritual gifts and talents and APPLY them. They do no good undiscovered, tucked inside of you. A true battle lays ahead of you that will only be able to be fought with these gifts. You all have them. If you have My Spirit then you have His power within you as well. It is time to unleash this power. It’s time to graduate. No more spiritual milk. It’s time for solid food. You will need this energy within the next season.

Graduate. Don’t you long to graduate? Aren’t you ready for new? For a new season? Well, I am the God of New Beginnings. I am the Creator. This is not a past-tense verb, but an ever-present reality. Stop thinking that I no longer can create, for believe it or not, but I have only begun to create. The best is yet to come for you and all My people. My people, oh how you have often thought you knew My Word better than Me. The pharisees often proclaimed that they knew My Word better than My Son and because of this hard-hearted mindset they killed Him. Stop killing Me! Stop trying to define Me. Stop using your limited minds to fathom Me. You can’t. No matter how much you try, no matter how much Scripture you have memorized, I go beyond you. You will never know Me fully until Heaven. You can’t even begin to come close without My Spirit. Let me fill you with My Spirit. Let me fill you with My spirit. There are TOO MANY who think that My Spirit and His gifts were only meant for those within the Bible, but if that were true time would have already ended and the ultimate spiritual battle won. But time continues and you are still here, existing within hard times in which Satan has been activated like never before. Are you telling Me that I have left you here alone, unequipped while the devil prowls around you? No. You within their same generation - the generation this side of the cross has been FULLY equipped and Satan knows this, which is why he has deceived you and distracted you greater and greater for centuries. Arise! Arise My people within renewed belief and join the battle - the ongoing battle. You have been thoroughly equipped. You just have to believe. You have to believe that My Spirit is real and desires to be unleashed from within your life. Nothing else will be powerful enough to reach the truly deceived - the lost, for never before have the lost been farther from the truth. Arise My people for I wish none to perish. BUT all to know Me fully.

At this point my pastor was inspired to get up and quote Ephesians 5:18 and then said, “It is an ongoing process - be being filled with the Spirit.”

He then began to honor the seniors and he started by asking my niece to come forward. He didn’t see her at first and so he said, “She’s in the nursery,” for she often works in the nursery during the service. But after he then saw her coming forward from the back of the sanctuary, he said, “We broke her out of the nursery.” What then came strongly to my mind was that this is what God wants to do with us, for as He even said, it’s time to graduate. It’s time to move past spiritual milk and start eating solid food, the food of His Spirit.

My pastor’s sermon was on waiting well. He mentioned that Jesus’ last command to His disciples was to wait, wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4). None of us are good at waiting. In one of God’s previous prophetic words to us, He even mentioned how much His people despised the word “wait.” But, as my pastor pointed out, “Waiting isn’t passive but an expectation.”

A few days before, I had stopped somewhere that I knew had cheaper gas in order to fill up my car. All of the slots were full and so as I waited briefly, impatiently, I knew even in the moment that God was speaking through my little four-year-old. For she kept telling me to wait, to just have patience and in a rather wise manner. Even still, despite this, I chose not to wait and drove across the street to another station that often has the same prices. However, it wasn’t until I had gotten out of my car and grabbed for the pump that I realized that their prices were significantly higher. So, I got back in my car and went back across the street and decided to wait behind just one car. Had I simply waited the first time, as my daughter encouraged me to do, I probably would’ve already been done and on my way. Oh, how we hate to wait.

However, just like the apostles, we are within the in-between time, the time between when Jesus left and when He will return. Jesus’ last command to them reveals even to us now, how we are to fill this in-between time. We are to fill it with the Holy Spirit, with His power, and this power is a free gift. It doesn’t cost a thing, except belief. And more important than the gas that makes our cars go, is the Spirit that makes God’s children truly go, go full force into His perfect will. Onward current day Apostles into God’s Mission, fully equipped with all the power that we need to go full force with great strength. Amen and amen!

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