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It's Time to GLOW

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

("God's Unfolding Message" Series 1, Post 7)


My daughter’s valentine cards came with miniature glow sticks. The other day my daughter grabbed one and asked me to help her snap it so that it would illuminate. I gave it one snap and the inside liquid squirted up, hitting me right between the eyes. In that moment I heard God say, “Susan it’s time to glow.” I asked, “How do you do that?” He answered, “You Shine the light of Christ in everything you do. It’s time to shine the light of Christ in everything you do. I want people to notice you, My little introvert.”

God has called me to shine, shine like a star, for years. So, I didn’t understand why all of a sudden, He was changing it to “glow.” He then told me to look up the definition. Some of the definitions for the word GLOW were:

To shine like something intensely heated.

To emit bright light and heat without flame.

To shine brightly and steadily; especially without a flame.

These alluded to an internal heat that resonated deep within something.

At church, God continued to speak. He said:

Susan, I am the God of love. In all things I am good. In ALL things I am good. Even in your darkest moments I am good. Susan, great adventure awaits you but this does include ups and downs - mountain tops and valleys. But I am a good God in all such moments. Dark moments await you Susan but I will help you rise above. Satan will attack and you must rise above. He knows your button’s Susan. He knows them all and push them he will. Rise above. Rise above Susan. Truly rise above. I have and always will empower you to do this. All My power is yours. All My power. Resist the devil and he will flee. Susan, it’s time to glow, to shine brighter than ever before. Satan is going to try to put out your spark. He doesn’t want you to shine. Rise above. Resist him. Come out of your shell and comfort zone for you are My ambassador and yes, people are watching.

Susan, I am the God of all your days. Dark moments await you Susan, truly dark moments. They do not revolve around health and death so free your mind of these fears, they revolve around your calling and in your ability to rise above the enemy’s lies and keep your eyes upon Me. Consider it a time of testing. Susan, even before Jesus’ ministry truly began, Satan tested Him but He rose above and so will you. I will see you through. You WILL rise above. I discipline those I love and I use Satan to do this. Be strong and courageous Susan, know that you will shine brighter because of this season upon you. Don’t hide from it for it is part of the adventure. You have to cross the valley to get to the mountaintop. Susan, the mountaintop awaits. I promise you this. You will reach the top and I will be waiting there with open arms. My Spirit goes with you. He is always with you, always. Rejoice Susan. Rejoice for persecution leads to perseverance, perseverance to character, and from character to hope, hope and a new day.

You have defeated Satan Susan. Through the blood of the lamb, he is already defeated. Remember that. Remember My love. You can’t have a testimony without a test. Even Jesus was tested and He was and became THE TESTIMONY. Rejoice. This is not meant to scare you. I’ve got this My love. Hold fast. Victory is on the horizon.

Susan, something that truly glows is hard to put out. A flame or spark can be put out easily but a glow is a burning from within. It takes a lot more to put this out. Satan will try but he will be disappointed for this testing will only deepen and strengthen your glow. Glow My love. Glow from within. Sparks ignite from such a glow.

Satan doesn’t like the steps of faith you have taken. He wants to silence you. He will try, mainly through discouragement but My will for your life will prevail and I WILL use this season to cause you to glow from within. True shining comes from a deep-seated faith.

Susan, you are too easily swayed by discouragement, by people’s opinions, and by response and the numbers. Oh Susan, you’re calling goes deeper than this, so much deeper than this and you know this. So let Me cleanse you. Let Me strengthen you. Let Me rid you of your insecurities for your future will be brighter if I do.

I then heard my pastor say, “God knows what is coming so he prepares us.” He then said, “There are forces trying to stop us from getting into the end zone.” This made me think of the mountaintop. He then talked about our need to put on the armor of God from Ephesians chapter 6, mentioning that God equips us but we must put it on.

He then brought up Proverbs 24:16 which says, “The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.

That spoke to me because, like God said, I can get discouraged so easily, but I want to be like one that gets back up, not one that is overthrown simply by one disaster or attack.

God wants us to shine. But it isn’t enough just to shine. He wants us to glow. He wants that shine to come from within, from a deep-seated or deep-seeded faith that isn’t so easily swayed by Satan. This requires testing, cleansing, and discipline. It takes the Refiner’s fire. Pray for me friends as I endure this refining that God says is upon me. But also, don’t be surprised when God starts you through this same journey as well. He desires true pure and spotless Brides and this only comes by the Refiner’s fire. But God is good, for like He said, it is for our good and His glory. So, shine on friends. Let’s GLOW together like never before!

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