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It's Time to Launch, God's Stars, into His Mission

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

("God's Unfolding Message" Series 1, Post 18)

*As always, please pray about going back and reading/watching past messages within “God’s Unfolding Message” as this one particularly is a form of conclusion to the message God has been bringing forth. God’s unfolding message has been, as you will see today, a form of pre-mission briefing and it’s time the mission takes off!


Last night as I was putting my daughter into the car, she looked up into the sky and said about the clouds, “It looks like a Bridge.” It did. My ministry used to be called “Bridge Stories,” for our lives, our stories, are meant to be a bridge that leads others to Christ. God called me to change the name of my ministry to “Bridegroom in the Clouds,” but that concept is still important and what this is really all about, the stories we should be living out while we wait for our Bridegroom on the clouds. The subtitle of my second book is still called “Bridge Stories.” It is called that because not only is that book filled with stories from my life, but they are specifically stories that formed another bridge, a bridge between when God promised me that my bridegroom would return to me and him actually returning to me. These stories talk about what I learned during the waiting time. They are what got me from God’s promise to God’s fulfillment.

This morning I was given something else that I knew, especially after my daughter’s comment last night, wasn’t by accident. It was a painting of a bridge. I love these kind of bridge pictures, the ones where the bridge leads off into the distance but you cannot see where it goes. Such bridges do lead to a specific destination but we don’t always know exactly the path or how long it takes to get there. It is time for all of us to experience bridge stories my friends. For through these two events, God was setting the stage to speak to us.

God also wanted me to start by sharing this story again. Last summer I did an online conference where I was greatly moved by one lady’s testimony and message. Here is what I wrote this year in February, 2022 about that conference the year before:

This lady essentially talked about the importance of taking the first step. Using a visual, she brought up a little video of her GPS. She talked about how she liked Chick-fil-A and how she always tried to go there whenever she could while on her travels. She talked about how she would put Chick-fil-A into her GPS and then head out and then her little video showed us how she was rerouted until she got to Chick-fil-A. What God ended up showing me is that even if you know your destination, you don’t always know how you’ll get there. God has clearly told me my destination, having given me some actual specifics about my future, but He hasn’t really told me the specifics of how I will get there. This has always been where I have tripped up. Even back when I was believing God concerning my promise that He would return my bridegroom to me, God told me to simply take the first step in belief. My own testimony lays all of this out before me as something I have been through before. Haven’t we all, likewise, been given a promise about our true Bridegroom returning to us? And are we not also always tripping up on the specifics about the when and about the what we should be doing as we wait with expectation. Isn’t it becoming harder to simply live in expectation and not to try and define that expectation? It is for me.

As lunchtime came around, I decided to go to Chick-fil-A. I had wanted to go the day before but chose to go somewhere else because I didn’t want to drive that far. But, still craving Chick-fil-A, especially after she had talked about Chick-fil-A, I decided to just do it. So, I got in my car and as I was driving on the highway, I began to think to myself, “How could God direct me or reroute me because I know my destination, I know how to get there, and because it’s the one I always go to I don’t even need my GPS.” Well, the exit I usually take to go to my Chick-fil-A was closed and so I had to be redirected to getting off at the next exit and drive all the way around the neighborhood to get back to the Chick-fil-A. God was speaking! He was pointing out that even though I know my destination, I don’t know how I will get there and that it will be His job to show me and direct me, to reroute me. My journey may not be a straight shot, like most of my defined expectations allude to. Instead, I may have to take a more roundabout way. But I will still get to my desired destination because my God has promised this to me. He also promises this to you!

I didn’t feel led the past two weeks to write blogs or make videos out of what God said to me personally, but God did lay it on my heart this Sunday to do so, wanting me to share some of what He spoke to me about. My life is a giant symbolic analogy that fits in with God’s message to us, and although most of these words were directed to me, they are so powerful and can be used to apply to us all.

I don’t know what God has in store for me, and as you will see, I’m not supposed to know. As I have said before, God has challenged me to embrace this upcoming summer, the season’s change, mostly to invest in my daughter Faith. I guess you could say in His great symbolism, He wants me to truly live by faith, to walk by faith. He wants me to lift my hands and heart to Him and rid myself of all expectations and to truly let Him fill the blank pages of my life. I don’t know if there will be other blogs or videos, or when, but God knows. I have enjoyed “God’s Unfolding Message” as it in and of itself wasn’t anything I expected God to call me to do. If you have journeyed with me, I thank you. I hope that you have been blessed. As you have journeyed with me and seen my struggles to lay down my expectations, God wants me to encourage you now to join me. Join me in laying down your expectations as well and choose to live each day, each season, as if they are a blank page that God longs to fill. He WILL fill it. It is time for all of us to live by faith and to experience true Bridge Stories, stories He will use to lead others to Him.

So, in church on 5-15-22, God said to me:

Be prepared Susan for your life is about to take a dramatic turn, a turn in a positive direction. I know you have waited long My daughter but I had a reason for your dormant season, its main purpose being blessing.

You are about to see the fulfillment you have longed for and you will proclaim with your whole heart that I am not a God who disappoints. I will not disappoint you, Susan. I will blow you away with My goodness and faithfulness. I will even bring to light desires that even you have forgotten about. Read the front of this journal and know that you are about to enter a true season of experiencing this truth. (I started a new journal today. On the front is Ephesians 3:20 – “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.”)

Ask Susan. Imagine. But know nothing you will come up with will compare. Let go this day of all expectations and instead let Me give you the desires of your heart. I have new ones to instill within you.

Then on 5-22-22, in church, God said:

Susan, great change is upon you, truly great change. I know you think you have heard this a lot from Me but I am a God of repetition for a reason. My people are hard-hearted doubters and you are no exception. Susan, if things happened right when I spoke where would the need for faith be? Although My people do not fully understand the need or power of faith, I assure you this process is the key to becoming more lie My Son. Faith is the key. Believing is the key. There is power in belief, power to turn the key that leads to the new beginnings you and all My people crave. My people always long for new because I instilled this desire within all of you. I am the God of new, of new beginnings and I declare today that yours is truly upon you.

Great joy awaits you Susan, joy beyond anything you have ever felt, for it will embody the fulfillment to your longing, the yearning within you that never seems to be quenched. I am about to quench this thirst Susan through which great peace and empowerment will follow. I will move in ways that will cause all your doubts to flee.

Watch and see what I am about to do for you. I told you that I would not disappoint and oh My love, how limited your view has been. I have tried again and again to rid you of your expectation but to no avail. Therefore, be prepared to be blown away like never before, for what is about to take place in your life will be beyond your comprehension. Your mind isn’t even capable of coming up with such a plan, though you have tried again and again and though Satan has often used this weakness against you. He has filled this longing many times for you in the past but soon none of this will matter anymore for when I move, I move and all is silenced. All unfulfilled plans no more and irrelevant, forgotten and so shall all your perceived paths be - dead, useless, and forgotten. Oh, what a day Susan, when you truly let ME fill in the blank pages of your life, for you have failed to truly let Me. But oh, what a day is before you when you will experience My faithfulness anyway. For I am a good God and faithful to those I call for My glory alone, not yours. I love you but you are undeserving thus the need for Christ and My perfection. No one I have ever called Susan was worthy which is why My Son was broken. He was broken so that My people could be unbroken, whole vessels that I can and intend to use despite themselves. I WILL use My people, My unworthy people whom I love because of the Blood of the Lamb. Arise My worthy one for I see you through this Blood. You are My redeemed. You are My chosen. Time is running out Susan for you and all My people. You have interpreted those verses correctly. It is the time as Noah, a truth I revealed to you over 14 years ago. You did not perceive this season then. I know what you do not know, which is why you must put your full trust in Me, the One who sees. I see all that is now, then, and to come. You only saw a glimpse and will only ever see a glimpse.

At this point, I noticed who the guest speaker was and the ministry he represented. The last time this man spoke God was challenging me to “Believe and Rejoice.” He wanted me to believe in His promise to me revolving around a ministry and based on that belief to choose to rejoice. I won’t go into all the details but there was another man in the congregation, that based on my testimony, the very sight of him meant to me that God was telling me to “Believe.” For, his prayer over me many years ago led to a series of events after which I relinquished control and chose to believe God’s promise to me that Joe and I would be together, that God would bring back my bridegroom. I didn’t even talk to him in church. I just knew God brought him there for me to see. He hasn’t been back since. Anyway, I laughed as along with him there that day there was also a guest speaker from Rejoice Ministries. God was clearly telling me to “Believe and Rejoice.” Well, God brought this man back from Rejoice Ministries today and his topic was “Giving God Your Desires - Ps 37:4.” How appropriate.

After I looked up to see who was speaking, I heard:

Susan, you have believed. It is time to rejoice.


Rejoice Susan. Rejoice. It is time to rejoice, rejoice in My plan for you and My great faithfulness. Susan, I instilled desires within you. Though you have often planned your own expectations and the path you would take to get to these instilled desires and calling, the destination has NEVER been in question for its desire WAS instilled by Me. Fulfillment is upon you Susan. I brought this man back to reveal this truth to you. You had every reason to rejoice and believe.

Everything this man said echoed my heart. It struck my heart like an arrow, and of course confirmed what God had just spoken to me. What I came to believe is that, essentially what God just said, is that fulfillment is upon me and so His message to me today, confirmed by this man, was to encourage me to let go of my own expectations, to know that God’s fulfillment will not look like I expect. It was God’s mercy, His way of preparing me.

Here are some of the things this speaker said that resonated with me. Most of them need no further explanation:

“We often have a calling that is good and right but we take ownership of it and run with it . . . That’s what we are going to talk about today- expectations.”

“Those promises don’t always come about in the way you expect, or when!”

“The definition of expectation is: Something is going to happen, or should happen in a certain way.”

“This leads to: grumbling, complaining, depression, and even a loss of passion for your calling.”

We often think: “God says it. He owes it to me. God says it. It should happen, instantly.”

“He wants to give us the desires of our heart but He doesn’t want us to take ownership.”

“One of the biggest journeys of our life is learning to believe . . . But giving up ownership of our expectations.”

“There are things He wants to give me but there is also so much I don’t understand.”

He then brought up Exodus 17. He talked about how the Israelites have just seen probably the top five miracles in the Bible yet how quickly their doubt and disbelief. They grumbled and complained, started criticizing Moses but really, they were criticizing God. Instead, as he said, God was leading them on a journey, a path. Yet when it wasn’t smooth or like they expected, they complained and got depressed.

He then mentioned that the word Moses used to define the place where water came from the rock means “grumbling.” Then we see in Numbers 20 that the next generation repeated that same legacy of grumbling and complaining.

He finished by saying, “God wants your faith to grow so that you really live what you believe,” and “In order to do what God is calling you to do, He wants you to grow in your faith and belief that He will do what He said He will do.” God says, “Don’t take ownership of what you are not created to handle. Just delight in Me. I’m not going to give you the desires in the way you think or desire them.”

At this point I was moved to pray, “Lord, help me to truly reach a place of surrender to my expectations, my shadow mission. Please!”

He then mentioned that “When they knew Jesus wasn’t going to meet their expectations, five days later He was on a cross.” I then thought about how Jesus rode in on a donkey, a sign of peace and that He wasn’t coming at that time to save them from their worldly captivity. Jesus never came to fulfill our expectations. Even after His death and resurrection, His disciples still asked that “Now” question. Was He now going to restore the kingdom of Israel? They had no idea what was to come - their commission into the season of their ACTS.

I prayed again, “Forgive me Lord, for crucifying you again and again and again.”

What then came to my mind, and you saw me allude to this phrase in my danger prayer, was the only teaching ironically (God-onically) I remember from the day God told me my purpose, or my future commissioned ministry. It is important to tell you the date it happened as well as you will see. On 8-10-07, during the same lecture that God commissioned me, the speaker talked about what he called “Shadow Missions.” I finally see the significance of this coinciding occurrence. Essentially a shadow mission is us taking the reins, taking control and running with our own agenda, even when it comes to legitimate callings from God. This is something that has plagued God’s people for far too long. It is something that has plagued me. But it is time we surrender! Great callings, and we all have one, need to be led and defined by God alone. It can be very dangerous if they are not.

I am not one to encourage you to look for the meaning of numbers in the Bible. That is between you and the Lord. But within my life, a long time ago during a Bible study God brought meaning to two of them: 8 and 10. I had forgotten about this until a conversation at a graduation party about a week ago reminded me of this. Revelation just hit me. I love that it was at a graduation party, for it’s time for us to graduate – onto the next season or level.

Anyway, at that Bible study, after discussing that the number 7 of course means perfection, we talked about what comes next. What can possibly come after perfection? As I learned, “New Beginnings.” In my life, the number 8 means “New Beginnings.” Then, we went on to discuss the number 10 and through another’s testimony, God revealed that the number 10 means “Divine Order.” It wasn’t until much later when I looked back upon my testimony that I caught a glimpse of the date that God gave me my commission. I saw that it was on 8-10-07. For me it was a new beginning of Divine order. But the real amazement came when many more years later, again looking back onto my testimony that I realized that the day that Joe proposed to me, the day my promised bridegroom truly came back to me, was also on 8-10, on 8-10-13. My calling has always revolved around God’s promise to return my bridegroom to me, great symbolism that points out that just as He was faithful to His promise to return my bridegroom to me, He will be faithful to His promise concerning our Ultimate Bridegroom and His return. It all has to do with New Beginnings of Divine Order. So, finally what God brought to my mind is what anniversary Joe and I were about to celebrate in two days, our 8th anniversary. God is in the details.

And speaking of details, onto another side note, which isn’t really a side note, I had a garage sale a few days before and my back was hurting. I knew sitting there in church that I needed major realignment. As this wasn’t the first time God has used my physical need for realignment to point out my spiritual need, I knew in that moment God had something to say. He did. He said:

Susan, you always come back. You always allow Me to realign you with My will just like David. You are a woman after My own heart which is why I WILL use you in My way and in My timing.

Susan, it is time for you which is why I am reminding you that what is to come will NOT look the way you expect. Let go. What I have planned for you is so much better and far greater than what your mind can come up with. Let go! Let go Susan of your expectations and let Me move. And My love, I will move in great and mighty ways. Oh, I can’t wait to truly reveal My glory in and through your life. My way is the best way Susan, always has been, always will be. Believe My love and be encouraged for great and mighty things are upon you. Let Me fill the desires I placed within you long ago. I will not disappoint. I WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!

I was then reminded of Proverbs 3:5-6, which has always been my favorite verse. I see now that it is time to not just know this verse but to LIVE this verse.

Then in church this Sunday, 5-29-22, God said:

Oh, what joy awaits you, Susan. Again, I say, oh what joy awaits you, Susan. This season of repetition IS coming to an end. I promise. 12 years of school seems like a long time when entering in but now a lifetime away for you. You will soon feel the same way about the last 14 years. My hard-hearted one, let me break through. Choose to believe. Look at how long Moses waited and yes, especially Joseph, and as I have already alluded to, Jacob. All these men waited for the fulfillment of a yearning deep within them that I placed within them. They questioned. They doubted. They wondered too whether or not I would truly be faithful to My calling upon their lives, but you have something they did not, all their testimonies. Am I not the same God for you that I was for them? Was I not faithful to their callings? Using each and every one of them to do great and mighty things? Time has purpose Susan, all time. Do not despise the waiting no matter how long it has been for it has GREAT purpose. What a despised word - wait - has been to My people, yet there is true power within it. Those that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. They will rise up on wings of eagles. Susan, great power, strength, and purpose arises from seasons of waiting, not just of doing. You are about to do great things which is why like Moses and those above, you have waited long . . . Continue to rid yourself of YOUR expectations, for NOTHING will look as you have expected. Susan, it WILL BE GREATER. How limited your view has been. Satan has made sure of this and yes, he is on the move, but . . . Greater am I within you than he without.

My people, I long for you to come to Me with open hands and an open heart. I long to fill your lives with good things, truly great adventure. But like with My daughter, it’s time to also surrender how you think things should go, how you think your lives should play out. Not a single one of you predicted the time you have found yourselves within but it didn’t take Me by surprise and I have a reason for everything. Let Me realign you to My will for you and for all My people. Let Me lead you into a much-needed shift, paradigm shift. Though it seems scary, I can assure you there is nothing to fear. You are within a season of great change, a season that must take place in order for My people to be purified, cleansed, and realigned with Me and My ultimate will for My people. My people you have moved. You have shifted. It doesn’t take a lot, a huge shift, to find yourself off course, but I am a good God and I WILL NOT lead you astray. I will not even leave you where you have found yourselves. I will instead lead you back, in love, into the very center of My will for you My beautiful Temple. You will once again be a Temple called by My Name. But a shift must take place, and this can only happen when My people sit at My feet, open their hearts and hands and surrender to MY will, not just for you as an individual, but for My Body as a whole. My people for too long you have been going your own way. Although I have told you where you will end up you have failed to truly realize the path I will use to get you there. The Israelite’s path through the desert to their Promised Land wasn’t a direct path either. Because of their hard hearts and disobedience, they strayed off course multiple times and I allowed it to happen, and now the same has been true of you. I have declared your Promise Land but unless My people stop going their own ways and collectively come together with hearts, hands, and wills surrendered to Me, the wandering will continue. But because I am a faithful God, as I finally got them to their Promised Land, I will faithfully get you to yours, to the Ultimate Promised Land, the Kingdom of God. Stop fighting Me My people. Surrender to unity, to My Spirit, and to Me. I will not disappoint.

I WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. Believe! Believe that a season of great joy is upon you. It is upon all My people for My loves the battle has already been won. All that is required of you is to take that first step of faith. Faith is the key. In a world headed back to Egypt, go against the flow. Take that step of faith collectively, enter the desert, and know that I will show up for you. Together you will see My glory, My wonders. I will show up for you in ways that will cause you to testify like never before. This season of testifying is what will woo others into the desert to join you, My people. It’s time to make My Wonderful Web of Wonder a reality, a miracle greater than the parting of the Red Sea. My Stars, My people, truly aligned, covered by the Blood of the Lamb, testifying to the Risen Savior, to My goodness and power. Oh, My people, what a day. There will be no greater day, a day when the Body of My Son is truly unified, unbroken, doing what I created all of you to do - to testify. Oh, what a day. Oh, what a day. This is a day I command you to envision and believe in, for it WILL happen. Amen and amen.

All of this is Revelation 12:11 realized.

My pastor then got up and the first thing he said was, “God didn’t come just to patch you up but to make you new. He is the God of new.”

What then came to my mind is that I am coming into a shift - literally being called by God to surrender to God. For as I’ve mentioned before, God has been leading me to truly surrender this upcoming summer, this next season of my life, to Him and to being a mother and investing in my daughter. He is calling me to live by faith. As such, I have been spending a lot of time actually lifting my heart and hands to God asking Him to purify my desires and to finally lay down my expectations. I admit that it isn’t easy. But to God be the glory!

I also, as you can see, felt God calling me to finally make another video having not called me to do so the last two weeks. But I see now that He has been using the last two weeks, along with this Sunday, to bring a form of summary, or conclusion. Although as we know, I shouldn’t use the word “conclusion” because truly it is simply a starting off point. A better way to put it is the title of my pastor’s sermon today, a title that kind of made me laugh when I read it. His sermon based on Acts 1:4-11 was entitled “The Disciples Pre-Mission Briefing.” I laughed because that really is how you could define God’s message to us right now, but really how you could define all of my blogs or videos during this season under “God’s Unfolding Message.”

My pastor went on to say of Jesus, “His time with them is drawing to a close and now He’s giving them a pre-mission briefing.” He then referenced the “Mission Impossible” movies and how the recordings outlining the mission for the spy used to end with saying, “If you choose to accept this mission . . .” But in our case, and as the image on the screen depicted in front of us, the word “impossible” has been crossed out and replaced with the word “possible.” Jesus wasn’t giving the disciples, or us, a mission that wasn’t possible. He just needed them to learn how to do it His way and with His equipment.

My pastor’s first point was “Be Dependent on the Holy Spirit.” He talked about how we needed to be baptized in the Spirit - fully immersed. He then brought forth a verse that I have never noticed before, a true game changer. This verse changed my life today and already has been used by God to still some of my fears. Acts 1:2 NIV says, “until the day he was taken up to heaven, after giving instructions through the Holy Spirit to the apostles he had chosen.” In His resurrected state, a resurrected Jesus gave the great commission through the Holy Spirit. My pastor went on to say, “If Jesus needs the Holy Spirit, then we need the Holy Spirit.” This is God’s true appointed equipment for us within the battle. Like Jesus, this side of the cross, it’s time to truly use Him. It’s time we are fully immersed in the Spirit.

My pastor then also pointed out that in verse 4 Jesus tells them to “wait.” There is that word that we don’t like – wait. But as my pastor then said, “I can’t flush this thing out, it has to be given to me. . . The mission is impossible in our flesh which is why we need God’s promise and His equipment.” He then went on to refer to how Jesus even talked about how it was to their/our advantage that Jesus went away because then the Holy Spirit could come. As my pastor put it, “This mission is so big, you can’t do it without the Holy Spirit.”

His second point was, “Stay Focused on the Mission. (Don’t get so caught up in the unknown that you ignore the known.)” My pastor talked about how if the disciples knew that it would have taken thousands of years for the Kingdom of God, their brains wouldn’t have been able to take it. In Acts 1:6 they were still asking, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” What God brought to my mind is what my daughter Faith was doing in the car yesterday as a joke to the rest of us traveling a long distance with her. She kept asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” Us of little faith are always asking God, “Now Lord? Now? Now? Now?” However, as God has also pointed out through my little Faith by her songs in the car over the last few months, singing that “Time is running out. Time is running out. We better push that button because time is running out,” God has actually been pointing out that it’s soon, but He also did so thousands of years ago. Therefore, feel the sense of urgency but don’t let it distract you. Don’t let it be your main focus. Instead, as God has clearly been pointing out through His unfolding message, focus on the what, not the when. The when is irrelevant, or at least not nearly as important as the what, or the mission at hand. For, we can see this in the fact that not even the angels or Jesus Himself has been told when this time will come (Mark 13:32).

The signs are there my friends, and as God spoke to me about last week, talking about the times as Noah, it really isn’t even that hard to see. Here is my testimony about it. In Luke 17:26-27 Jesus says, “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.” In 2020, when my husband and I were still doing wedding photography and let me tell you, this verse would not leave my mind. Although a few weddings were rearranged that year, we didn’t have any cancellations. Again, with that verse always, and strongly, on my mind, I personally witnessed people getting married and being given in marriage. I was in the thick of brides getting married and can personally attest to the fact that there was not a single thing going on around them that was going to stop them from getting married. These brides were determined. Nothing was going to stop them. It truly brought this verse to light for me, how it can and will be possible.

I’m not trying to scare you. God isn’t trying to scare us. But really it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if Christ comes back today or tomorrow, it is still about the what and not the when. As I have talked about before, even before giving the Great Commission, within the same breath, Jesus actually starts out by saying, “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority (Acts 1:7). And, likewise, even amongst everything that is going on right now in our world, God is still choosing to highlight our mission more so than the timing. He is purposely giving us a renewed sense of urgency to empower us, not to scare us. This urgency, as it has always been intended, is meant to point us to our mission. It is meant now to cause us to focus on our pre-mission briefing. To quote my pastor, “Their mission is bigger than time.” Jesus’ commission to His disciples was bigger than time even if they couldn’t see it in the moment.

And oh, how as you have witnessed that I can testify also to this truth, because how I have lived this truth. Some of it right before your eyes. I have even shared things God has said to me over the last two weeks so that you can get a better glimpse into this truth within my life. As you have seen, I have really struggled, me of little faith, asking God over and over in my own way, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” But maybe, just maybe, God’s commission to me, to all of us, is also bigger than time.

My pastor’s finished by pointing out that even though Jesus went up and away that He is still ever present and ever interceding on our behalf as our High Priest. He then brought up Moses and the tabernacle. When God gave Moses the plans for the tabernacle, He was very specific. They were not to make any modifications. The same is true of us. We are not to make modifications to God’s plans or mission, yet we constantly keep trying to. We constantly make changes to God’s Temple and to His plan for His Temple. But we are God’s Temple, called by His Name. There is no other way but God’s way. No other mission than God’s mission. So, let’s lay down our shadow missions, our personal agendas, and expectations, and open our hearts and hands to God and His way, His mission, His possible mission. One that will end in victory!

My pastor finished by sharing how the church’s electricity had gone out the night before, disrupting some of the activities. He mentioned that it brought him to the realization of just how much he takes power for granted. With this what came to my mind is how I had had similar thoughts as well the night before. I thought about how much I was addicted to my nightly TV viewing, or my downtime, and how much I would dislike having to give that up due to not having electricity. Anyway, my pastor went on to say, “Don’t take God’s power for granted.” He then prayed that God would help us who have unplugged, taken the Holy Spirit and His power for granted, and help us to plug back in. For even Jesus did!

My friends, it’s time that we surrender to God’s mission and His equipment given for success within His mission. We have been thoroughly equipped. It is time to launch Stars! It is time to not just know but LIVE Revelation 12:11. It is time to form God’s Wonderful Web of Wonder. It is time to be His Stars aligned, woven together, covered by the Blood of the Lamb, shining bright, testifying to the Risen Savior. This! This is and will be the only light bright enough to not only woo others to Christ but also to woo our Bridegroom and bring forth His return. He deserves such light. God aligned the stars over Bethlehem once when Jesus entered the world and He intends to align His stars again. It’s us this time. It’s us, the Bride of Christ. So, let’s get our lanterns lit. Let’s push that turbo button. Let’s come out of our shells, our cocoons, for our hibernation season is coming to an end. New Beginnings of Divine Order is upon us. The heat is on. It’s Go time. It’s time to launch! Join me!

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