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Time for the Big Time

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

("God's Mission Protocol" Series 2, Post 7)

*It would greatly benefit you to go back and read/watch previous messages within “God’s Unfolding Message” and “God’s Mission Protocol” in order to prepare yourself for this message, for God has been building upon His message. Please pray about doing so. Thank you.

Part One: Time for the Big Time


A few weeks ago, I surprisingly had a bride inquire about using my husband and I as photographers for her wedding this fall. As I prayed about this wedding, God began to use the symbolism to speak to me. This wedding is to be in Nashville. Not Nashville, Tennessee, for I am not from Tennessee. This is a city in my own state. I had no idea we had a Nashville in my state. Interesting!

That Sunday, my daughter‘s birthday, God spoke. He said:

Susan, write these words down:

It’s time My love, truly time. Though things have felt slow and hindered at times, it’s time now to rise and shine.

Give birth. Gift birth to the Word of your testimony. Give birth to My child. It’s My child. Within a mother’s womb, I form. I form each child. As I formed Faith in your womb, I formed the Word of your testimony. Trust that as I have a great future planned for your daughter that your first child will likewise thrive. I know it has been a long birthing process Susan but I have had a reason for this and I will not disappoint. You feel overdone. I know. But I can assure you that things are right on time. I have given you these years as a blessing. See them as such. See this summer season as such for Susan, soon the fall will come and as the leaves change so will I bring true change upon you. Susan, many people go to Nashville to make it big. To Nashville, to a wedding, not to Music City, for it is about My Bride. My Bride will hit it big. She will awaken like never before. Arise My Bride. Arise. It is time to wake up, for a great awakening.

Awaken My Bride. Awaken. It’s time for you to awaken out of your slumber. Arise. Arise and shine. I command you to arise and shine. Change is coming, a revival is at hand and your life will never be the same. I am the God of order and so though things have felt out of place and uncomfortable, repetitive, I can assure you that it has all been a part of My divine plan. Everything will fall into place. Not a single thing will be out of order, My order. Those that need revival will find it. Those that need healing will have it. Those that need wrongs made right will find vindication. I will not disappoint. With the seasons change, great revival and change will begin to emerge. I am a faithful God My people and My words will ring true. My Spirit is about to arise throughout this globe like never before. You will experience a true wave of My Spirit, a true outpouring. This outpouring will convict many, refresh all, and restore unto Me of people ready to serve Me in the last days. The last days are upon you My people which is why I need you revived. I need you awakened. With the lamps lit arise My Bride. Wake up! Wake up and shine. Shine from within. Shine the light of Jesus Christ for the world to see. This world is about to need this light like never before because darker days are coming. A desert is coming. Don’t fear this desert. Instead let Me prepare you for it, for within it you will shine. You will experience Me like never before. I will show up for you but you must believe. You MUST believe that I am here for you and that I will not fail you. I NEVER FAIL. I NEVER DISAPPOINT and I will not disappoint now.

Restoration. It’s about restoration. I long to restore you, My Bride. This takes repetition. It takes perseverance for My people are stubborn and hard hearted, but never fear, for I will get through to you. I will get through to you for My sake, for My faithfulness, for My plan that is underway. Arise. Arise. Arise. Wake from your slumber for its time. It’s time for the big time. It’s time to make it big. It’s time to make Christ famous again. You do this through birth, by giving birth to the Word of your testimony. Experience Christ My people like never before and then make these experiences known. Cry out. Don’t hold back. This is how you give birth to the Word of your testimony. This is how you make Christ famous again. You testify! You TESTIFY! Testify My people. Testify My Bride. Arise and shine and testify. Keep Christ alive. Speak His Name. Speak out! Amen and amen.

My pastor got up and was inspired to quote from Psalms 51. I love how verses 5-6 says, “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me. Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb; you taught me wisdom in that secret place.” Verse 12 then says, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” My pastor then said several times “Restore to me.” He then added, “That means I need to get something back.” Like God had just said, it’s about restoration. He longs to restore us.

My pastor’s sermon was on Acts, chapter 3. Within this chapter Peter and John are headed to the temple, like always, to pray. In the midst of their daily routine, doing something they traditionally did, they were given a divine appointment. They ended up passing a lame man, a man they had passed many times before. A man even Jesus had passed many times before. But Jesus never chose to heal this man while He was on earth, instead He waited to do it through His disciples, through the power of the Holy Spirit. This man had been crippled from birth and everyone knew who he was. All of the religious leaders even passed this man every day on the way to the temple.

As my pastor put it, “Peter and John stop for one man when they are on their way to a ministry of many, to be amongst those that pray three times a day, a hard group to get through to.” As he said, “It would be easier to talk to a non-believer than believers, the religious.” I personally know this truth to be true.

My pastor mentioned again that Jesus had walked by this man many times but didn’t heal him. He left him for His disciples to heal. He then pointed out that it wasn’t this man’s faith that healed him. It was Peter and John’s faith. My ears then perked up when my pastor said, “There is a gift of faith (Ephesians 2:8-10). Faith is a gift given by the Holy Spirit.” My ears perked up because that day was my daughter Faith’s birthday, and she definitely is a gift. God gives us gifts of faith for a reason. I am thankful for my daughter but I am also thankful for my first child that God does intend for me to continue to give birth to, the Word of my testimony. He wants me to use His gift of faith given to me to reach out, for as my pastor went on to ask, “How was He (God) going to get through to these people in the temple?” He was referring to the religious people or the hard-hearted people of the day. The answer he then gave was “a changed life.” God healed this man who then praised and testified in front of them, to them, to those who had seen him every day as they walked past him. This message is clear: God uses testimony to transform lives, to change lives, even the hard-hearted religious people, myself included.

I have worked with many non-Christians, international non-Christians specifically and I can attest to how much easier it is to reach out to them then to try and impact religious people, to be used by God to revive them, but such, as you know, is God’s calling on my life. Walking away from international student ministry, I once asked God why He was calling me away and He said that it was because I could serve them better with His purpose for me. That purpose is now clear. By giving birth to the Word of my testimony, God wants me to inspire you to also give birth to the Word of your testimony. Because God uses testimony to change lives. As Mary once gave birth to Jesus, the Word, who changed lives, it is our turn to once again give birth to Jesus, the Word of our testimonies so that He can continue to change lives. God’s calling on my life is to get His Bride ready. It is to bring revival to God’s people, His church, so that together we will form an amazing Wonderful Web of Wonder: God’s Stars, His people, aligned, covered by the blood of the Lamb, testifying to the Lord Jesus Christ, to the Word of their testimonies. God wants to use this light to reach non-Christians. I could’ve stayed with that international student ministry and easily reached a handful of non-Christians, but God wanted me to reach you instead, so that you could join me in reaching the entire world through the Word of our testimony. We are Revelation 12:11.

Reaching this world for Christ takes getting Christ’s Bride ready. Like God said it’s about restoration. As God said, “I long to restore you, My Bride.” By God’s design, He has chosen to use us, His broken, hard-hearted creation, to reach the lost. Christ left for a reason and the Holy Spirit came so that we could now, like Peter and John, be the ones to do the job, to finish the job through Christ’s power within us, through the Word. We need to become testifiers that make testifiers and so on and so on. This is what will bring Christ alive again. This is what will make Him famous again. And my friends, this will be the big time. Oh, what a day. Oh, what a day.

My pastor finished by pointing out that we always need to point people to Jesus for His glory. He said, “That’s the point of miracles, of having things worth testifying about.” I couldn’t agree more. God wants us to experience Christ like never before so that we have things worth testifying about. He even said “Those that need revival will find it. Those that need healing will have it. Those that need wrongs made right will find vindication.” Miracles are coming! And when they do, let’s together praise God and testify just like that healed man did, so that once again lives are changed. Amen and amen.

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