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Time to Give Birth

("The Unveiling" Series Post 2)


*(God has been unfolding a message through me that began last year. This post is a powerful message that will make a lot more sense to you if you pray about going back and starting this journey with me from the beginning, either through video or written form. This idea of God calling His people to “Give birth” is not a new idea for me and a concept that He has spoken about a lot through my life and will continue to do so. I would recommend that you at least read or watch “The Word Made Flesh: New Life within a New Spring” to gain a deeper understanding of what God is saying. Thank you.)

Someday I will be able to elaborate on this more but for now just know that in His way, God has been bringing me to the foot of the manger, placing it before me again and again. This last Friday He laid it before me yet again. Then after hearing a man say, in regards to the birthplace of Christ, that “This is where the Bible starts and ends. God is the Alpha and Omega,” what came to my mind is that “I am ‘here’ for the end.” In my heart I knew that God had been bringing me to the foot of the manger somehow for the end.

Shortly after God then spoke. He said:

My daughter, it’s not by accident that I brought you here today. It’s true what you said about the manger, that the ending has to do with the beginning…I have brought you back to the beginning as a sign that the end is near. I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, all at once. The end has always been the beginning because it is the beginning of true life, eternal life for all those I have chosen and loved.

Bringing forth the end from the beginning. I bring things full circle. I’ll bring things full circle. I am the Alpha and Omega. The ending is all about the beginning. The ending is all about giving birth. Christ’s death and purpose could not come about without birth. Mary had to give birth to the Lamb before He could take away the sins of the world. Likewise, Christ will not come again without birth. The Lamb will not return to finish the job without birth. The end is brought about from the beginning and each of these beginnings has involved My people. My people are a part of My plan. Mary was a part of My plan and My children now are a part of My plan, My royal priesthood.

During this, I have been praying for revival within me, personal revival, so that Friday I decided to wear a shirt that says “Revivalist.” Then, before church on the following Sunday, I ended up doing a devotional that happened to be on revival and I knew God was speaking.

At church God continued to speak. He said:

End from the beginning. End from the beginning. I brought you to the beginning for the end. End from the beginning. End from the beginning. It is crucial to look back on the beginning for from the beginning the end will come. Give birth. Give birth. It’s time to give birth. It is ALL about birth. The birth of a movement. The birth of a Savior. Birth. Birth. Birth. Let Christ be born again, born through the Word of your testimonies. There is no other way. This is My way. The end will not come without a testimony, without My people bringing Christ alive again. Give birth My people. Give birth to the Word of your testimony. You do this by sitting at My feet, experiencing Me and My Spirit like never before and then testifying to these experiences. The Bible, My Word, is made up of such experiences of Me. Therefore, continue this process. Fill in the pages between Jude and Revelation. These words, these experiences of Christ, are what Revelation 12:11 is all about. Christ, the power behind the Word of your testimonies, will, WILL, defeat the enemy once again. Once again, Christ, this time through you My co-heirs, will defeat Satan again. Through My chosen people He will be permanently stripped of power. My people, you are now the Word made flesh. You are now Christ’s hands and feet and voice. Therefore, arise. Rise and shine and testify. Like Mary, give birth. Give birth to the Word of your testimonies. There will be no other way. Revival will come more and more and when it does speak out, cry out and don’t hold back, for the season of testifying has come. This is your season, your time. Embrace this truth. Embrace that I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, ALL AT ONCE. With this knowledge embrace the beginning. Sit at the foot of the manger and give birth. Like Mary, give birth. You hold the key to bringing Christ, the Word, alive again to a new and desperate generation.

My people have stopped experiencing Christ the way He deserves to be experienced and My people have ceased to testify, to cry out that your Savior lives. Instead, you have wrapped Him up and placed Him back in the tomb. Your words have power. Your words keep Christ alive. Therefore, speak out. Cry out and don’t hold back. CRY OUT and DON’T HOLD BACK. Your Savior lives. He is alive. He longs to return for His Bride but there is still work she must do. She has a kingdom to ready, a kingdom to build, and a Savior to proclaim, all through the power of Christ. You were created for a time such as this. If you don’t get to work then NOTHING gets done, for I designed things this way. I designed the end to include you, My people. You are STILL the Book of Acts. The acts of the apostles are your acts. Therefore, let My Spirit, My glory, flow freely through you and rise up. Get to work. Get to work. Get to work. Rise up. Rise up. Give birth. It’s time. It’s now. Believe. Amen and amen.

God continued to speak to me and here is a portion of what He said:

Susan, don’t lose hope. . . I know this year has had a rocky start but consider it the chaos that preceded Mary giving birth BUT, BUT I still lead you to the manger. It’s time to give birth.

God knows we exist in a world of chaos right now, but He knows what He is doing and as He has said in past prophetic words, the world has simply been primed for us, for our season of testifying. When Mary gave birth to Christ, remember the state of their world around them. Ruled and persecuted by the Roman empire, chaos was all around them. But nonetheless, this season is when God ordained for the true Testimony, the Word, to be born. History is repeating itself. So, get ready my friends, to give birth.

As worship ended, a man got up to share a prophetic word with the congregation. He said, “You are living stones in a spiritual house, a royal priesthood built up, called by My Name.”

What came to my mind is something I had thought about regarding the manger: “Let the rocks cry out!” As the tangible rocks testified, so shall we!

The guest speaker got up and then revealed what our sermon was to be based around. It was 1 Peter 2:9 which says, “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” God is on the move!

The guest speaker then said, after reading this verse, “Rise up. Take ground. Take back what the enemy has stolen.” He then said, “In Satan’s kingdom chaos should not be something that surprises us…In a world of chaos and trials are you going to pick up your identity or put it into your pocket?”

He then went on to give us examples of those in the Bible that didn’t lay down their identity. The first one was Daniel. Daniel stood his ground and continued to honor God in all he did. As the speaker said, like Daniel, “Don’t back down, step up.” With that what came to my mind is God saying, “Cry out. Don’t hold back.” Or God’s call on my life, “testify by any means possible.” Daniel didn’t back down and he didn’t change his identity. And because of this what came forth from his life? Great testimony! Testimony came forth that makes up part of the Bible, along with great prophecy.

Next the speaker brought up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendigo. They too worshiped God and not idols. Because of this, Jesus was with them in the fire, within the chaos. Again, great testimony, stories that make up part of God’s word.

He then brought up Noah. Noah has a special place in my heart as God has spoken to me a lot about Noah in the past. Hopefully you will be able to read these past inspired words within “Bridegroom in the Clouds: Book Two – Bridge Stories.”

Regarding Noah, our speaker said, “A hundred years to build a boat with the whole world hating you and thinking you are crazy.” What then came to my mind was “A true world of chaos that matches the times we are in. It proves to us that it is not time to stop and just look up with our mouths hung open waiting on Christ to return because things are so bad, but to get busy testifying for that final revival reaping.”

Again, with Noah great testimony, but also protected testimony. Years ago, God had me write a whole chapter on Noah and this concept. It was that he was literally a vessel for God’s Word, the true Ark. For, God’s word would have passed away unless preserved by Noah, for God’s words, His people’s testimonies of Him from the very beginning were passed down through humans, mostly through word of mouth. Yet, God wasn’t going to let His Word pass away. Therefore, even more important than the actual boat or Ark, was Noah, for he was a storehouse for God’s Word. Well, it is our turn to be a vessel for God’s Word, His testimony, to continue to pass it down like God said, “to a new and desperate generation.”

In this time of chaos, let’s remember that God will provide physically, filling are physical storehouses. But the most important cargo on that boat wasn’t Noah’s stored food, it was God’s stored Word. It was the stored testimony within Noah, God’s true Ark. As we enter a time that is like the time of Noah, let’s embrace the revival that is happening and that is upon us. And as we do, let’s let God’s Spirit empower us to rise above the flood of chaos and give birth. As Mary gave birth to the Word, so did Noah, for He entered a world that completely started over, therefore giving birth as well to God’s Word in a whole new way. Like these precious saints of old, and like the rocks that they stood on and sat by, let’s to cry out. Let’s to bring forth great testimony. It’s time. Our season is now. Give birth. Give birth. Give birth. For the end has to do with the beginning. We have been brought here for a time such as this. We have been brought here for the end. Amen!

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