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Unwrap Love

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

("God's Unfolding Message" Series 1, Post 15)

4-17-22 Resurrection Sunday

God had me write these words down:

A new day is here. With death comes new life. Arise. Arise and shine My people for your Savior has freed you from the power of sin and death, from being slaves to this world. My people slaved and toiled to build the kingdom of Egypt. They worked with all their might to build up a kingdom with no eternal value. The same is happening today. My children slave and toil to build up the kingdom of this world. Arise My people. Arise from your slumber and focus once again on truth - that you were not only freed from being slaves to this world but empowered with My Spirit to build the next. My Kingdom lies in ruins while My people toil as slaves to the kingdom of this world, but no more My people. It is time to get to work, to step into that desert where I will show up for you. Leave Egypt for it is not your home. It never was. Your home has always been with Me. Come instead to where I am. Though it looks like a desolate desert in fact it is flourishing with life, true life in My Spirit. Arise. Arise and shine. Let’s get to work. My Kingdom lies in ruins because it is incomplete for My Kingdom is built upon My people with Christ as the cornerstone. Bricks are missing My people. Thousands upon thousands of bricks remain out of place. Seek them, find them, shine upon them. Point them to your risen Savior who came to seek and save them. He is their sure foundation. They just don’t know it yet. Cry out My people. Don’t hold back. Eyes on you mean eyes on Me, their only hope for renewed transformation. I wish for all to come to Me. ALL. Though not all will, My cry will be heard by all. All will see My glory through you My people, My Kingdom called by My Name. You have been set apart, set apart to rise and shine in this ever-darkening world. Shine. Shine. Shine. It’s time to rise and shine. Proclaim the risen Savior through your life. Woo the lost into the oasis that is the desert. Shine your light upon true freedom and salvation. Show them hope and victory and true love. You do this by testifying, testifying to My goodness, provision, healing, and power. I am Yahweh. I am life. I will redeem and save all that is Mine. For it will really be Me calling them forth through your stories, through your testimonies. The Word that is Christ is ready to cry out through your lives. Let Him cry out. Let Him reveal your story to you. He longs to be a part of your life, the biggest part. There are so many stories to still be written and lived, such stories that will shine Christ’s light so bright those in Egypt will be so drawn towards the oasis in the desert. They will flock there to finally drink of that Living Water that flows from the Rock of Jesus Christ. Let the rivers flow. Flow flood of Christ. Flow. Flow. Flow. Flow rivers of Living Water. Christ is ready to quench their thirst. Be that bridge My people. Let your stories become a bridge that leads others to the source of all Living Water. There they will drink, be filled, and satisfied. Flow river flow. Let My glory flow freely through you. Holy Spirit flood this place. Fill My people with My power and glory and grace that they may rise up, shine, and be the life of Christ that this world desperately needs. It’s time My people. Time to rise and shine. Time to be a part of the great divide. You have been set apart for a time such as this, a time that is upon you. Flow Spirit flow. Woo to the other side, to the side of grace and mercy. Flow. Flow. Flow.

At this moment, I paused writing when a little girl sitting in the seat in front of me slipped me an envelope from between the seats. I opened it up to find a note card with the word “love” written on it.

Unwrap love. It’s time to unwrap love. My people you have wrapped Jesus up and placed Him back into the tomb. Unwrap love. Show the world you serve a resurrected Savior. He is no longer in the tomb. He is alive, moving, and active. Embrace Him as Mary did, not physically but in her heart. Embrace the risen Savior and like Mary, make Him known. She was the first to testify to the risen Savior. Follow her example. Testify My children. Be the light. Testify to the risen Savior who is walking around, alive and well, within you. You are Christ’s hands and feet and voice. Therefore, proclaim Him. Proclaim Him through your life. I brought Him to life through My power, you keep Him alive by your voice. Shout! Cry out! Declare to the world the risen Savior. Cry out! Don’t hold back. My people this side of the cross belongs to you, to you covered by the Blood of the Lamb. You are saved. You are redeemed. You have been fully equipped through the power of My Spirit to also resurrect My Kingdom, My eternal Kingdom. Get to work My people, My sons and daughters, Christ’s Bride. Get to work. Build My Kingdom. This is your time. Your time is now. Now. Now. Now. Rise. Rise up like Lazarus. Shed those cloths, that cocoon. It’s time to fly. Your new spring is now. Believe. Believe and take possession of your inheritance. My Kingdom is your kingdom. My power is your power. Your time is My time. So, rise and shine for your risen Savior. Amen and amen.

My pastor then got up and said, “Because You live, we arise and Your light shines on us.” Exactly!

During our final worship song, God brought a recent conversation strongly to my mind revolving around the word “broken.” Although many bible translations use the word “broken,” saying that Christ’s body was broken for us, His body was never actually broken. His body was given for us, sacrificed and pierced, yes, but not broken. In fact, God took great care to make sure His body wasn’t broken. The soldiers broke the legs of the two thieves on either side of Jesus but when they came to Him, He was already dead. Christ’s legs or body was not broken because He had to be an unbroken, perfect sacrifice just like all of the previous lambs picked during Passover. Well, the same needs to be true of us. As God addressed in His last message to us, we are far from being the fulfillment of Christ’s final prayer for unity among us, for we are broken. We are disunified and broken. Like God says, we are in ruins. But, in order to continue to build God’s Kingdom through being Christ’s hands and feet and voice, His transforming Light, we must be whole. We must be unbroken and unified, God’s Stars aligned covered by the Blood of the Lamb. Friends, Bride of Christ, Body of Christ, let’s put ourselves together again. Let’s strive to become Christ’s final prayer, unified. Let’s become God’s Wonderful Web of Wonder. Like God said, our time is NOW! Let’s Arise and Shine the Light of Jesus Christ together, God’s perfect sacrifice.

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