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We Are Part Two

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

("The Unveiling" Series Post 4)


God has been doing a great work in my life, as I have continued to pray for personal revival. If you watch my last video you can hear about how God has been reminding me that it is all about Him and His desire to bring me back to the true heart of worship. He tactics have worked for I already feel a lot closer to Him and freer than I did just a week ago. He longs for us to put Him first and when we do, He truly starts to move. When we allow ourselves to be emptied of ourselves and filled with Him and His Spirit, there is nothing He will not do in and through us. He just wants us to be vessels for Him and not ourselves. He wants us to live for His glory and not our own.

I am a testifier. I have a lot of things to testify about but even so, I have been praying for new stories to share. I have been praying for some real-time stories, some new, modern things to share. And He actually gave me something. In fact, I’m bubbling over and cannot wait to share it with anyone who will listen. However, it’s important to point out that this testimony and excitement came after a trial period. This story has to do with money yet it really isn’t about the money. It’s about something far more important than just financial provision. However, as you know, this is still a major issue for most of us. It is a big struggle and often big idol, and no matter where you are at in life, we need money to survive.

My husband and I thought that we were going to have to owe a big financial debt, one that we really could not afford. In my panic, I almost just went ahead and paid it but something inside of me stopped me. The Holy Spirit stopped me. When a trial is fresh, we have a knee jerk reaction. Our natural tendency is to just react right away but in truth this is the very moment when we need to just stop, calm down, and give our situation to the Lord. We need to inquire of Him. Then we need to continue to give it to Him. I give God full credit for I did not by instinct do any of these steps on my own. “‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty (Zechariah 4:6).”

A few hours later, after hearing my story, my mom helped me set up an appointment with her financial advisor. I met with this person a few days later and our conversation didn’t seem to elicit the hope I was desiring. Then I left, knowing that I would have to wait another week or two for the results of my situation. It felt like I was waiting on the results of a medical exam. It was rough but nonetheless I kept giving it to the Lord, knowing that in my desperation I had no choice but to give it to Him. He then just kept saying to me that He was going to take care of it. And I knew in the end that if we still owed all this money that somehow, He would still help us through even if it was a long journey.

Then yesterday, on Sunday, before church I saw an email from the financial advisor with our results and although I didn’t want to open the email, I knew I had too. I opened it and instantly tears began to stream down my face as I saw that we didn’t actually owe this money, that things had originally been figured incorrectly. Our debt had been canceled.

All of this reminded me of my Widow’s Mite. A long time ago I acquired a real Widow’s Mite like the ones mentioned in Luke 21 and Mark 12. It has always been a reminder to me of God’s provision. He has always showed up for me when I truly needed Him and He showed up for me again. I wanted Him to so much for I wanted to be able to proclaim and testify of His goodness, especially to those who saw my tears over the situation. Well, God spoke to me in church and reminded me that that is indeed what it is all about. In church God said:

Abound. My love and goodness abound Susan, always will. . . Believe that I will always provide for you, sustain you, and prosper you. I am not here to make your life hard but fruitful and abundant. Everything has a reason - EVERYTHING. Good and bad times ALL have a reason and a season. Some are short-lived, others longer. Trials are not always pleasant seasons but what testimony arises from them when My people surrender their minds and wills to Me. Though trials you go through may seem hard, they are in actuality My great mercy and steps to embrace. They are pathways to My glory, reasons for Me to show up in ways worth testifying about. So, when trials come, this, this My people, is when to truly live in expectation of Me showing up for you. AND I WILL SHOW UP EVERY TIME. I am Faithful. I am Love. I am your Father and I deeply care about you, every area of your life. Believe. Believe. Believe that when I am for you NOTHING will be against you.

As God just said, trial seasons can be short-lived or long. You just heard me talk about one of my current short-lived trials, but God continued to speak to me about one of my longer seasoned trials. As you know if you have followed along with me, I have been waiting for many years for the fulfillment of promises that God gave me long ago. This has often made me feel like Joseph in the Old Testament, especially lately as God has been bringing him up a lot. Anyway, I have been waiting and waiting, and as you know, waiting can be hard. But I know that God is finally bringing that waiting to an end, and not just for me but for a lot of us. A lot of us have been holding onto dreams and gifts and talents and God is going to bring that New Spring. Please if you haven’t go and read/watch “The Word Made Flesh: New Life within a New Spring” for God prophesied this season that is upon all of us, this New Spring.

I also know Satan is really loud right now. He wants us to think that the world is so bad that the dreams God has for you are irrelevant or that they are not going to happen now because Christ is just going to come back any second. Christ is coming back soon but God is a faithful God and if He instilled desires within you and you have, like me, been in one of these long-term trial and refining seasons, just waiting on the Lord, He is going to be faithful. He will, WILL, manifest these plans for us all. In His continued words to me at church, God even went on to say to me that Pharaoh is being prepared, that he has already started having dreams. If you remember in the Bible, pharaoh started to have dreams that no one could interpret for him, a series of events that led his cupbearer to remember Joseph whom he had met in prison. Although Joseph may have felt like God forgot about him, he was not forgotten. When the time was right God lifted him up and remembered him to pharaoh. I believe this is going to start happening for all of us. As God has already prophesied a few weeks ago, He is going to remember us to pharaoh. He is going to provide.

The first verses my pastor brought up were Genesis 45:5 and Genesis 50:20. Genesis 45:5 says, “And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.” Genesis 50:20 says, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” As my pastor said, “God was sending to save.” What then came strongly to my mind was “Fulfillment of trial season.” These verses represent God’s faithfulness to Joseph, that there finally did come fulfillment after a long trial season.

A verse that later greatly stuck out to me was Colossians 1:22 which says, “But now he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation.” For after reading this verse, my pastor said, “He’s reconciling… He’s balancing the books… Not because of anything we’ve done… We feel we are not worthy.” When he said this, even using a checkbook as an example, bringing money into it, I knew God was speaking to me. But also pointing out that it isn’t about the money. My finances are just a story I can testify about but the more important picture is us being reconciled to God. It is the fact that our debt has been paid by the blood of Jesus, by the blood of the Lamb. We always have to keep this knowledge forefront for only by the blood of the Lamb can we have a testimony. First and foremost, we have the Blood of the Lamb. It is truly what allows us to be sent. It is what qualifies us. IT IS PART ONE. It is the first part of Revelation 12:11, “They overcame him by the blood of the lamb.”

What is part two? As my pastor said, “God has been sending all along. He is still sending. God is still a sending God.” He then began to speak once again about how we are “Acts 29.” Although there are only 28 chapters in Acts, we are now chapter 29. God still desires to send us. He longs for us to also be sent, to be the ones to carry the torch, to continue to do great things through the power of the Holy Spirit. To experience Christ in real-time, new and modern ways in order to continue to make Him known to a new and desperate generation. We are part two. We are the second part of Revelation 12:11, “and by the word of their testimony.” As it says in Philippians 2:15, we are meant to shine like stars within a crooked, desperate, generation. We are meant to form God’s Wonderful Web of Wonder, His people, His Stars, aligned, covered by the Blood of the Lamb, together testifying to the Lord Jesus Christ for the world to see. THIS IS PART TWO. This is our sending.

I love that it is once again Purim time. Please take the time to go back and read/watch “Shine Stars Shine! Time to Rise & Shine!” This will help you understand the idea of God’s Wonderful Web of Wonder, us as Stars, and also Purim. Esther is one of the only books in the Bible that doesn’t mention God. I know God has a reason for this. It highlights the fact that this book is a true testimony. What I mean by that is that the events of this story are so orchestrated and amazing that they prove that God exists and was at work, even if His name was never mentioned. He simply used His people, His Stars, within this story to accomplish His plans of saving His people. God chose to remain anonymous, in a way, so that His people could Shine. If you remember, and hopefully go back into “Shine Stars Shine! Time to Rise & Shine!” I talk about how Esther means “star.” My middle name also means “star” and so I have always felt a connection to Esther and her testimony and with the idea that God desires all of us, as His Stars, to testify. Esther was essential in bringing forth the Lamb, for without her testimony, her great act, Satan would have succeeded in killing all of the Jews, and therefore the line to Christ. Of course God was not going to allow this which is why He sent Esther for a time such as that.

My friends, my fellow Stars, it is our turn for a time such as this. God wants to use our testimonies, like He used Esther’s, to bring forth the Lamb yet again. This time in the form of a Bridegroom. When we become God’s Wonderful Web of Wonder, when we become part two of Revelation 12:11, when we realize that we are being sent, we will together overcome the enemy and our Bridegroom will be wooed to our light as much as King Xerxes was wooed to Esther’s. Or like Solomon was wooed to his lady because she was hard at work in his vineyard (Song of Solomon 6). When Christ returns may He find us hard at work in the field, shining the light of Jesus Christ for the world to see. And because there is no greater work, God will always provide for this. He will always provide what we need to get the work done, whether finances or whatever else we may need. He will let nothing stop us from testifying, from being Revelation 12:11.

I once asked God many years ago why He didn’t just send Christ back and He said, “Because there is still an enemy to defeat.” Satan is an enemy that God desires for us to defeat by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimonies. We have work to do my friends. Such great work that not only will God provide everything we need, but the revival we need to truly get onboard. I truly from everything God has brought forth through me over the last year that true revival will come from testifying, from us making it all about Christ and keeping Him alive through our modern testimonies that He desires to bring forth. I don’t know about you, but I want more than just a personal revival, I want us all revived and living fully within God’s promised New Spring. Join me! Shine Stars Shine! Let’s get this true revival started. It’s time to testify!

I was so bubbling over during the church service with such a desire to get up and testify that God began to lay something on my heart that I knew I needed to bring up to the pastor after the service. It was the need to start testifying, maybe through scheduled testifying sessions or allowing time during the church service each week. When I shared this with my pastor he said that this only brought confirmation to what God had already laid on his heart. So, I challenge you fellow Stars to approach your pastor, or whomever God leads you to talk with, and invite them as well to open up time for more testifying. I guarantee that God will bring forth the testimony and with it the revival He has promised. Amen and amen.

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