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Touch of God - Joanne's Story

Our God loves us so much and desires our time and attention. This is my story of when God audibly called my name and touched my face. One night not long ago I awoke to the sound of my name. At first I thought it was my husband calling me. Having been sick he was sleeping in another room. So, I got out of bed and went to see what he needed, but he was sound asleep. It was then that I realized that God was the One calling me. I just somehow knew in my spirit that God was using this moment to show me that He sees me, for this had been a desire at that time. 


Another encounter with God happened not that long ago. God used a book I had been reading, the testimony of another, to connect with me again, this time physically, for I felt His personal message of love. The author of the book talked about his encounters with dying patients. Numerous times while he held dying patient's hands, he felt a cool breeze come by. He began to see this as the parting of the veil between Heaven and Earth. After reading this story I myself had an encounter with this sensation and in that moment, knowing God had set the stage through this man’s testimony, I knew my Heavenly Father, my Abba, was giving me this same touch of joy. I felt this same cool breeze. God briefly lowered that veil and an intense love filled me with a hunger for more of His love. 


God chose to show me His love by manifesting His presence, allowing me to hear Him and feel Him within this physical world. And I am thankful for these reassuring moments that I can cling too when times get tough. Thank You Jesus! 

A True Warrior - Millie's Story

Millie was a true warrior.  At the age of 2.5 she was diagnosed with Stage 4, Neuroblastoma.  Millie battled this horrific cancer for 1 year and 18 long days.  She was BRAVE and COURAGEOUS in the face of many painful and scary medical procedures.  She was filled with LOVE and COMPASSION for her family, friends, and other cancer fighters. She had a JOY in her heart that kept her living life to the fullest even as her life on earth was coming to an end.  She loved her time at home on her farm, spent with her family. She enjoyed fishing, working with daddy, and her swing in the yard.  Her favorite place to be at the end of the day was in the rocking chair with her mama asking, “Can I sleep in your lap?”. She prayed each night with a childlike faith, “Jesus please take away my cancer”. We prayed, “Jesus we ask you to heal her and allow her to share your goodness with her own lips, but if her healing is in heaven, we will tell it for her”.

On July 8, 2020, Millie closed her eyes for the last time here on earth and opened them to the face of Jesus.

Millie was just one little girl, with a very small world, whose story has reached thousands for Christ. Ultimately her story is HIS story.  It’s a story of Jesus walking with us through her treatment, guiding and sustaining our family through the darkest days of grief, and giving us the promise of a future with him. Millie touched more people in 3 years, than many do in a lifetime.

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