Hear "God's Unfolding Message" to Us, His Bride.
God has been unfolding a prophetic word through my life, speaking about how we should live within the times that are surrounding us, but also about how we should prepare ourselves and future generations for what is to come. Please journey along with me to hear God's encouragement and challenge to us.

God's Unfolding Message

Please watch these videos in order if you are able for God builds upon His message with each video. He has also been adding to this message almost weekly, so please keep coming back to hear more. You can also find most of them in written form in the Blog section. Thank you for joining me on this journey. It wasn't meant just for me. You can find the new videos here or by subscribing to my YouTube channel. 

1. Testify By Any Means Possible

2. Bride Has Made Herself Ready

3. That Trumpet Will Blast. Are You Ready?

4. FEAR = Fantasy Eating At Reality

5. God's Manifesting Presence

6. God Wrote in the Clouds for Me (and You).

7. Let His Glory Flow Freely

8. Cursor in the Sky

9. It's Turbo Time:
Time to Come Out of Our Shells

10. It's Time to Glow

11. Time to Go Against the Flow

12. Time for an Eternal Perspective: Again it's Turbo Time

13. The Word Made Flesh:
New Life Within a New Spring

14. Shine Stars Shine!
Time to Rise & Shine!

15. Me & My Spirit Poured Freshly Within You

16. Everything Lost Can Be Found;
Everything Old Can Be Made New

17. A Counterculture Life

18. Unwrap Love

19. A Season of ACTS

20. A Matter of Perspective

21. It's Time to Launch, God's Stars, into His Mission

(21.) Brief Part 2 - As in the Days of Noah

Please join me in Video Series 2: "God's Mission Protocol."