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Welcome to my prophetic words page. God has been bringing forth my prophetic voice. You can read/watch His messages here. I pray that they bless and encourage you. Please pray about hearing past messages under the Video Series 1 & 2, or read in the Blog section.

Revival is at Hand

God had me write this down:

Revival. Revival. Revival. I promise My people revival. Revival is at hand. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Rejoice My people for I am a faithful God who acts according to My good purpose and within My good timing. I know right now it feels as if I am all promise and no fulfillment, but I assure you that My words will ring true. A great outpouring of My Spirit will be unleashed upon you, My people. You have been through the desert My people and although the desert will continue, those that fall into Me will find a much needed oasis. I will always show up for My people within the desert, personal deserts and collective deserts. That is who I am. I am the Giver of Life, of Living Water, in all circumstances. Rejoice. Rejoice in this powerful truth and choose to believe in My goodness and in My timing. I have reasons for what feels like delay, but I can assure you that My reasons are for My glory and your eternal good. I have eternity in My hands and everything I do is for the big picture. Big picture. Grand design. Try with all your might and through My Spirit to maintain an eternal perspective for your light and momentary troubles are achieving for you a glory that far outweighs it all. In good times, praise Me. In bad times, praise Me. In and through all times, every desert, praise Me and remember that there is a reason for it all. I love you My people. It is your time to rise and shine. It is your season to live out your true faith and belief and full power, for all I have is yours. My storehouses are filled and ready to supply your every need. Believe. Believe. Believe. Rejoice and believe. I will never leave you nor for sake you. Amen and amen.
We Hold the Key to Revival

God had me write this down:

Rejoice. Again, I say rejoice. Fill your heart and mind with My presence and My love. I am near. I am here. I am always with you. Rejoice. Rejoice. Testify to My goodness, to My unfailing love. Get to work My Bride. Get My Bride ready. Testify. Testify for the world to hear. Let the nations hear of My goodness, My favor upon you. You are My Bride, My beloved, therefore rejoice. Rejoice and believe again in My goodness, in My immeasurable love that I long to pour out upon you and will. I will My people. I will pour out My goodness upon you like never before, for a great awakening lies before you, a true revival. But don’t, don’t, don’t just sit back and wait. Instead, get My Bride ready. Prepare yourselves. Sit at My feet and let Me fill you with My mighty Spirit. Let Me give you amazing experiences worth testifying about, and then My people, TESTIFY. It will be your collective testimonies that bring this revival. My voice through you will bring life, for you keep Me alive. I am the Word of your testimonies. I am the breath within your life. Proclaim truth. Proclaim the Risen Savior. Show the world that He still lives. He lives in and through you, therefore don’t be silent. Give Him a voice again. He longs to shine through you for you My people, My Bride, are now Christ, His hands and feet and voice. Therefore, cry out, and don’t hold back. Experience Christ and then make these experiences known. This process is where revival begins. This is where revival will come from. It begins in you. You hold the key, the power to defeat Satan for you overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of your testimony. Experience the Word My people. Shout aloud His Name. People will hear and people will believe. I promise. I promise because I designed things this way. Christ left this earth for a reason because it is now your time My Bride, your season, your time to be the ones to defeat Satan. Though once again it will be Christ, it will be He THROUGH you, through the Word of your testimonies. Shine children, shine. Start crying out. The world is ready. I have made sure of it. They are ready for truth, hope, love, joy, and peace, all things YOU MY PEOPLE possess. So get to work My Bride. There is a lot of work to do and I will go with you. I promise. Rejoice. Amen and amen.
Get My Bride Ready: A Great Summary of "God's Unfolding Message"

God had me write this down:

Oh My Bride, how I long for you. Arise. Arise. Arise. Awaken out of your slumber for your Bridegroom longs for you. He awaits His return to you eagerly, but you are not yet ready. But behold, a time is coming and is now upon you when you will arise. You will awaken and make yourselves ready. Arise. Arise. Arise and shine. Open your eyes to the season that is upon you, to the season at hand. I am about to pour out My Spirit like never before. Therefore, prepare yourselves. Make yourselves ready to receive. Sit at My feet. Fall into Me and let Me fill you anew. I long to refresh you and WILL. I WILL refresh you, revive you, and bring new purpose into your life. The season of dormancy is coming to an end. It is time to arise, to awaken, to come out of the grave like Lazarus and live again, truly live again. You were not made for this world therefore it is time to prepare yourselves to leave it. It’s not about the when but what and the what My people is preparing this world for My Son’s return. Get My Bride ready. Get ready and then collectively get others ready. I came to seek and save the lost. I came to bring salvation to all. No one is too far gone but you MUST testify. You must bring Christ alive again through your experiences of Him. THIS My people, this is what I will use to continue to seek and save the lost. Arise! Be Christ’s hands and feet and voice to a new generation, within this wayward world. It’s time. It’s now. No more delay. The final push is here. Consider this your warning call. Arise. Arise. Arise. Arise and know that I am with you and have created you for time such as this, for this season. Arise. Arise. Arise. Hear the trumpet call. Hear it ring. Though a distant sound, someday it will ring loud and clear. Arise My people and remember why you are here. You are My mighty warriors. My holy nation, therefore arise and shine. Arise and fight. Arise and save. Arise for My glory. Arise. Arise. Arise. Amen and amen.
A New Year Word

God had me write this down:

My people rejoice. Rejoice for a season of great joy lies before you. I have not abandoned you and I never will. I am still on the throne, never dormant, never passive, but fully involved, FULLY in control. Let My Spirit fill you anew with My presence, with My truths. For too long this world has had a mighty voice but I promise that a season of My voice and mighty moving hand is upon you. Believe and rejoice for I am a good God. Do not despise this season of discipline for it has had a great purpose for I discipline all that I love, but I am also your Redeemer and many, MANY, redeemed moments lie before you. I don’t promise a better world, a brighter world, what I promise is victory, eternal light and hope, and an abundance of My Spirit to all those willing to receive. My people, what joy awaits you this year as you surrender to My Spirit and My divine plans for you. Lay down your expectations and live free of the way you think things should go. Live in great expectation but don’t define those expectations. Live with an open heart and open hands and then watch Me fill your life with great things, perfect gifts from above. I long to fill you with good and perfect gifts.  I love you beyond measure. Live in hope, belief, and in a renewed sense of My presence and love. I am with you. I am for you. I am in complete control. Amen and amen.
I am Faithful

God had me write this down:

My people, I am a faithful God. Everything I do exists within this attribute of Me. Know then that if I have instilled desires within you, longings, that they will be fulfilled. Though you have waited long, I WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. I have had a reason for the waiting, truly great purpose. For within it I have refined you, disciplined you, sought you, cared for you, and truly loved you. I have never left you and I have not forgotten about you. I remembered Joseph. Though he was imprisoned, I remembered him when the time was right and I brought him before pharaoh for great purpose, for fulfillment. Oh, sweet fulfillment, you have a season, you have a destiny, and you WILL, WILL befall My chosen people.

Dreams, visions, callings, purpose created just for you - I know you think that this world has stunted these things and created a new path in which these are no longer real or relevant. WHAT LIES. Lies the enemy greatly wants you to believe. But My children hear My voice now - the world is ready and has been primed FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. It is your time, your season, not to hide away in defeat and despair but to rise and shine and testify like never before. Hold your heads high and remember who lives inside of you - THE FAITHFUL ONE on high. I am faithful. I am faithful and I will not disappoint. 

At this point I paused writing because I noticed a couple sitting down in my row. They had their new adopted baby with them. They had wanted to adopt a baby for a very long time and had been through very trying times but in that moment, they were a sign of God’s faithfulness and I knew He was speaking to me through them.

He then said:

I am faithful. I am faithful. I am faithful. I am worthy of your praise. I instilled a longing within this couple for a child and though they went through the desert and reached the brink of hopelessness, I came through for them. I am a faithful God, faithful from one generation to the next. If I place a desire in your heart then don’t lose hope. Know that it WILL come to pass and that if it feels you have waited long that I have a reason for that. My true word to you today - in a world that seems to be canceling callings, visions, and truth, I am about to move like never before. I am about to pour out My Spirit like never before. Like Joseph you have been imprisoned but I am about to free you for great purpose. Believe. Believe and rejoice. Amen and amen.


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