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Get My Bride Ready - A Great Summary of "God's Unfolding Message"

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

On 11-27-22, God had me write this down:

Oh My Bride, how I long for you. Arise. Arise. Arise. Awaken out of your slumber for your Bridegroom longs for you. He awaits His return to you eagerly, but you are not yet ready. But behold, a time is coming and is now upon you when you will arise. You will awaken and make yourselves ready. Arise. Arise. Arise and shine. Open your eyes to the season that is upon you, to the season at hand. I am about to pour out My Spirit like never before. Therefore, prepare yourselves. Make yourselves ready to receive. Sit at My feet. Fall into Me and let Me fill you anew. I long to refresh you and WILL. I WILL refresh you, revive you, and bring new purpose into your life. The season of dormancy is coming to an end. It is time to arise, to awaken, to come out of the grave like Lazarus and live again, truly live again. You were not made for this world therefore it is time to prepare yourselves to leave it. It’s not about the when but what and the what My people is preparing this world for My Son’s return. Get My Bride ready. Get ready and then collectively get others ready. I came to seek and save the lost. I came to bring salvation to all. No one is too far gone but you MUST testify. You must bring Christ alive again through your experiences of Him. THIS My people, this is what I will use to continue to seek and save the lost. Arise! Be Christ’s hands and feet and voice to a new generation, within this wayward world. It’s time. It’s now. No more delay. The final push is here. Consider this your warning call. Arise. Arise. Arise. Arise and know that I am with you and have created you for time such as this, for this season. Arise. Arise. Arise. Hear the trumpet call. Hear it ring. Though a distant sound, someday it will ring loud and clear. Arise My people and remember why you are here. You are My mighty warriors. My holy nation, therefore, arise and shine. Arise and fight. Arise and save. Arise for My glory. Arise. Arise. Arise. Amen and amen.

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