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bridegroom in the clouds: Book one - The promise

This deeply inspirational book was born from a difficult time in Susan's life, but one where God's leading became more and more palpable. During that time, she began documenting God's hand in her life on a voice recorder. God led her to return to those recordings and use them to write her testimony. As she did, she discovered that God had been weaving a message of hope. She saw that He was using her story, and His promise to her that her bridegroom would come back to her, to represent His return someday on the clouds. Through Susan's story, God reveals His desire to have conversational intimacy with each of His children. Each one of us is a star in God's continuously unfolding story, and all of God's children have a story worth telling, a story worth living.


Susan hopes readers will be inspired by the supernatural manifestations of God she describes, and learn how to discover God's unique path for them, through both the big and small events of their lives. Her purpose is to allow readers to grow deeper in their relationship and intimacy with Jesus, to awaken once again to His return, to bring revival to their hearts, and to step out of their comfort zone to reach others for Christ through testifying. Susan presents a message directly from Jesus' heart within the context of her own story that describes God's direct influence and manifesting presence. Journey along with her to see how these revelations came about.


bridegroom in the clouds: book two - bridge stories

Now with God's promise in hand, Susan still waited for her groom to return. But since God never wastes the waiting times, He began to move in her life once again. He began to orchestrate the events of her life in order to prepare her for the fulfillment of His promise, and for her wedding day. In doing so, He began to paint a beautiful picture depicting how all His people should live in preparation for His return and for their ultimate wedding day to Him as His bride, the Church. Through the events of Susan's life, God unveiled a message that spoke about His desire that we all begin living lives that testify to Him. It was a blessed time, as it seemed that nothing happened to Susan that didn't have symbolic spiritual significance for everyone.


During this time, God called Susan to write another book. She obeyed and was inspired to call this new book Bridge Stories. Just as a bridge once connected Jerusalem with the Temple Mount, bringing people closer to the temple where God resided, these stories are meant to lead people into a deeper relationship with the Lord. They are meant to help readers discover their own story. We were all meant to be a bridge that leads others to Christ.

God eventually revealed even greater symbolism within the name Bridge Stories. These stories are what got Susan from His promise to His fulfillment-from her maiden name to her hyphenated married name. The waiting time can be sweet if we continue to focus on the Lord and trust in His faithfulness. Jesus is our Bridegroom, who although feels like a long time coming, will truly return for us all someday on the clouds.

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