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My Calling & Testimony - It's Time for Bridge Stories.

Updated: Jan 31

(If you have followed me then you have already read most of this. So, please pray for me as I have worked hard, with God's help, to summarize my ministry and to create a platform that can be a better resource for others. I am trusting God to open doors for me to encourage others to testify, to become a bridge that leads others to Jesus. Please look around my updated website if you have not, especially the new "Bridge Stories" section. Please spread the word and encourage people to connect. Thank you!)


God has woven a message through my testimony about preparing His Bride, the Church, for Christ’s return. It started many years ago in college, where I read a story about a woman who had lost her husband. One day she stood outside lifting her hands to the sky and asked the Lord if it was His will that she marry again. Instantly a name appeared in the sky. The next day at her church there was a traveling missionary there to speak to the congregation with this exact name. She thought to herself confidently about how she was going to go back with him. Sure enough, they did get married, and she went back to the mission field with him.


Her testimony impacted me greatly, causing me to want to have this kind of relationship with Jesus. The kind where the Lord would entrust such knowledge with her in advance. Her testimony served as a bridge leading me closer to the Lord. After that as you can imagine, all throughout my college and single years I found myself lifting a name or two to the Lord, hoping to see a name in the sky. Not much to my surprise, it never worked.


Fast forward several years and in walked Joe. We met in a singles group at our church. I knew in my heart he was the one for me. We ended up dating for a few years and then separated. However, knowing that Joe was the one for me I entered a time of great heartache. God allowed this season because He knew that my desire for a relationship, or for Joe, was stronger than my desire and love for Him. Because of this God had plans to bring transformation into my life by dealing with my idol worship. It was such a transforming journey that God inspired me even in my heartache to start voice recording my walk with Him. And just like the Israelites in the desert in the Old Testament, God sustained me, provided for me, and showed up for me. One of the ways that God showed up for me was by speaking directly to me for the first time, giving me a promise. He said, “Susan, you and Joe will be together.”


The desert is useful for eventually God used it to turn my head knowledge into heart knowledge. My theoretical faith into practical faith and I proclaimed with Job that “My ears had heard of you before but now my eyes have seen you (Job 45:2).” I fell more in love with the Lord.


Around this time, I was involved in a mission organization and found myself driving home from another state after a retreat. During this drive God chose to confirm His promise to me and revealed how He had set the stage for this moment in my life through that testimony that had inspired me in college. For, while listening to a worship song by Michael W. Smith, I looked into the sky and saw that the clouds spelled J O E – Joe, and I knew that this was a sign from God confirming His promise to me that He would truly return my promised bridegroom to me.


GOD HAD PROVEN HIS PROMISE and shortly after that called me to write a book based on my voice recordings – “Bridegroom in the Clouds: The Promise.”


In order to write, I had to go back. I had to return to those voice recordings I had made. As I did, I found myself amazed as I discovered that my own testimony witnessed to me. As I had been struggling to believe the promise God had given me, as I began to listen to my verbal notes, nothing motivated me more to keep on believing God’s promise than my own words. It truly was the journey of my life, for God opened my eyes. He revealed to me what every random thought or recording meant. They weren’t random at all. Instead, together they formed a perfect picture. I felt like I was listening to a perfectly orchestrated game plan. And as I took notes while listening, that is exactly what it looked like. This orchestration was a “Wait, Believe, and Act” pattern that seemed consistent all throughout my dialogue. What seemed like random thoughts and recordings at the time, now formed a perfect picture outlined by my Master’s hand. For, God revealed that every “not so random thought” of mine was followed by a verse, devotional, or a conversation with another that I chose to also record. Like clockwork each of these next recordings addressed the issue in my thoughts. God used this to teach me that nothing happens to us by accident, that He is in every detail, and that because of this, it is important to acknowledge this truth through some form of journaling or recording that we can go back to. Not only does this help us to know God’s voice but it helps us to see His unique relationship with us. It all really comes down to testimony. God was revealing to me the power of a testimony. In regards to my personal promise, I believe God was calling me to WAIT on Him, as God calls all of His children to do, BELIEVE in Him and His promises, and to ACT out my faith and belief in obedience with the strength I had gained from waiting.


The day after the Lord told me to write a book, I had lunch with a friend where God confirmed my call to write. I ended up telling her many stories that I had faithfully recorded, some that I had been too afraid to tell anyone before. I was so uplifted by the way she was moved that I realized that these are not my stories to keep. They are God’s stories, and they glorify Him. For Jesus is the Living Word and since He lives in us, since we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matthew 5:13-14), we need to continue to tell His story through our lives. God then eventually introduced me to Revelation 12:11, which became the theme verse of my life - we overcame the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. Satan is defeated not only by Jesus’ sacrifice, but also by our testimonies. Our lives! 

Despite God’s confirmation and call to write which was underway– my promise didn’t happen right away. In fact, it was 7 years between my moment with the clouds and my wedding day. But what happened in those 7 years serves as great symbolism. For during that time, God began orchestrating the events of my life in order to prepare me for the fulfillment of His promise to me and for my wedding day. And in doing so, He began to paint a beautiful picture depicting how His people too should live in preparation for His return and for their ultimate wedding day to Him as His Bride, the Church. He unveiled a message that spoke in greater lengths about His desire that we begin living lives that testify to Him and in 2010, in the midst of my waiting, God called me to write yet another book based on these events.

I was inspired to call this new book Bridge Stories. God had laid this phrase on my heart one day while I was looking at an image of the old Temple in the back of my Bible, starring at the big bridge connected to it. What God revealed to me is that just as a bridge once connected Jerusalem with the temple mount, bringing people closer to the temple where God resided, that our stories, our testimonies, are meant to lead people into a deeper relationship with the Lord. We were all meant to be a bridge that leads others to Christ. It became clear that this is how we all should use this waiting season, or this Bridge Story season, as a means to get Christ’s Bride ready.

As it says in Revelation 19:7, “Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.” 

But what does this mean exactly? How do we make ourselves ready? What are we supposed to be doing during this waiting season, this season we find ourselves in between our promise given that Christ will return to us and the fulfillment of that promise?

Well, two of the most important steps that God revealed to me on my journey were first, that we begin living lives that testify to Him, and second, that we begin rehearsing for things to come.

(Excerpts from Chapter 8 in “Bridegroom in the Clouds: Book 2 – Bridge Stories”)

In 2010, God brought a beautiful Bridge Story into my life in order to convey His desire that we begin living lives that testify to Him. In doing so, He began to paint a symbolic picture right before my eyes of my wedding day, of our wedding day.

During one of my Bible studies, I ended up hearing the testimony of two women whom God had called to start a wedding gown business/ministry and it was clear that they truly wanted to glorify the Lord in what they did. They wanted to raise money to help victims of sex-trafficking.

As they shared their testimony, a still, small voice told me that I would be adorned in a wedding dress someday, something that, of course, brought joy to my heart. What then instantly came into my mind is how a white wedding dress symbolizes Jesus Christ, for He is truly the “dress” that adorns us. It is the blood of the Lamb, the covering of Christ that makes us a pure and spotless bride. So, although I didn’t know at the time where God was leading all of this symbolism, we had the DRESS.

After the study that night, I found myself talking with my study leader about another friend who had the gift of music through piano. God had recently led her to invest in a new piano to write worship music that testified to Jesus. During this conversation, God brought me more revelation and the thought that God brought strongly to my mind was: We have the wedding dress; now it is time for the WEDDING MARCH.

The next day, during my quiet time with the Lord, as I began to reflect on the ministry that God was calling me to, that of testifying through the written word, the thought that entered my mind was, ENTER the BRIDE and God gave me more revelation. He began to show me that it wasn’t just my wedding that He was planning right before me but Christ’s wedding. Our ministries, our callings intertwine for through them we collectively testify to Him. God is calling all of us to testify, to live lives that point people to Christ as a means to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. He is calling all of us to help get His Bride ready for her wedding day.

A few days later, I ended up having coffee with another friend who confided in me that God had been calling her to build an altar like the one in the Old Testament. At first, I was taken aback because it sounded a little bit out of the ordinary, but then I heard a still, small voice say, “Susan, pay attention. This is for you.”

She began to talk about the many reasons why God was calling her to do this, mostly as a way to use her for ministry and what God brought to my mind is: We have the dress. We have the wedding march. We have the bride. And now we have the ALTAR.

A few days after that, Joe also confided in me, sharing with me a vision that God had been giving him of a place for people to use for weddings as a type of ministry, a vision that wouldn’t leave his mind. As he talked, I knew in my heart that God was saying that: We have the dress. We have the music. We have the bride. We have the altar. And now God is bringing forth the PLACE. For Joe’s vision was of a castle with a huge glass ballroom.

The revelation that came to my mind as he spoke was that of course God would inspire Joe, my future bridegroom, with the place, with the mansion, for it is our Bridegroom who has the responsibility of providing the actual place. For Christ Jesus Himself said that He was going ahead of us in order to prepare a place for us, His Bride, in advance in John 14.

So, we have the dress, the wedding march, the bride, the altar, and the place. All we need now is the Bridegroom, and as you can see through His beautifully orchestrated picture how He longs for His wedding day and for His bride to make herself ready by living lives that testify to Him.                   



(Excerpts from chapter 27 of “Bridegroom in the Clouds: Book 2 – Bridge Stories)


Along with beginning to live lives that testify to Jesus, God also desires for us to begin rehearsing for things to come. The two are not unrelated for an important reason that God taught me as to why He wants us to celebrate His appointed times, is due to the power of a testimony. For, celebrating these appointed times is a way for us to look back and to remember all that God has done for us. It is a way for us to tell those we are celebrating with, especially the younger generation, about all that God has done throughout time. These celebrations are about testifying. They are meant to help us look back at where we’ve come from in order to help us with where we’re going, to indeed prepare us for, or to be in rehearsal for, things to come. The honoring of God’s appointed times is for our benefit and God’s glory. They are God’s command to us to remember to testify, to look back in order to be prepared to move forward.

One Bridge Story during this season of waiting in my life addressed this call to rehearse. For during this season in my life, I was invited to attend a retreat. The topic revolved around something I was not expecting, for a Jewish Christian woman named Annette was there to speak about God’s appointed times as laid out in the Bible and why we, even as Gentile Christians, should still celebrate them. One of her main reasons was that they are lasting ordinances that serve as rehearsals of things to come. Not expecting this topic but knowing God wanted me there, I asked God what He wanted me to learn from this, He said, “Susan, if you honor My appointed times, I will honor yours.” Waiting on a promise God gave me to return Joe to me, my own bridegroom, I knew in my heart what God meant. So, I set out that year to honor God’s appointed times and other festivals.

It was a really fun time as God led me on this journey, for He orchestrated my life to show me how important these celebrations are to Him and eventually, I made it to the end. I was about to celebrate my final one which was Purim.

And once I did, God did two things to prove His faithfulness to honor my appointed time. First, the same day I celebrated Purim, a magazine was released and placed in stores with my picture on the cover, giving me a form of a coming out. I did not know that they were going to put my picture on the cover. And second, shortly after Joe ended up asking my father for my hand in marriage. God was faithful! My promised bridegroom had come. And I walked across that bridge from promise to fulfillment.

I love that God inspired my journey to end with Purim and see great symbolism in this, for: Purim is the celebration of deliverance of God’s people through Esther’s plea as a Bride of the king.

Well, it is our time, our season, our time such as this, BUT WE MUST MAKE OURSELVES READY just like Esther did. Let’s just say that like Esther we need our beauty treatment season, our season of preparation, of transformation– our BRIDGE STORY season – and God knows this.

After my own Bridge Story waiting season came to an end, or my preparation season, like Esther, after I had accepted God’s call to live a life of testifying to Jesus and had rehearsed, in His eyes I became a bride made ready, for my wedding day finally came. Almost exactly 7 years to the day that God wrote Joe’s name in the clouds, I married him.  And only in God’s way, by His doing, did our wedding represent all 3 fall feasts - the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles. These feasts speak the most about being the Bride of Christ and they, unlike the Spring feasts, also are yet to be fulfilled for a second time by Jesus.


First, the Feast of Trumpets: 


Since God had led me on a journey through His feasts, Joe and I had a Jewish inspired wedding. Because of this, we had someone blow the shofar to start the ceremony.


The venue God had picked for us through Joe was in another city and so being an hour away from most of our guests, in my mind, I thought that we would start the ceremony at least 5-10 minutes late in order to give people more time to get there. But this was not the case. For as the women and I were still upstairs praying, I thought about taking off my wedding dress after we were done in order to go to the bathroom one last time but something inside of me stopped me and I am so glad, for had I done that, I would not have been ready. Because before we knew it, since no one told us we were starting, even my wedding coordinator that was with us praying, all of a sudden, we heard the shofar blast and we all looked up at each other in shock.


Without a warning the trumpet sounded and at that point we didn't have time for anything else. Good thing I was ready! Dressed in white and ready to go! I knew God was speaking, 

For, someday all of us, without warning will hear that shofar, that final trumpet blast. I pray we are all ready.


Second, the Day of Atonement:


What truly made me ready? Was it really the fact that I had my white wedding dress on? No. For due to his love for me Joe would have married me while wearing anything. But this wasn’t always the case, for there was a time when I was so ugly, consumed with my idol worship that I wouldn’t have married me. But as it was, my journey of transformation had made me new, or renewed. But even this was a journey made possible first and foremost by the Blood of the Lamb, the covering of Christ. His atoning sacrifice, His shed blood is what makes us a pure and spotless bride as white as snow (Isaiah 1:18). He truly is the “dress” that adorns us and the only One that can truly renew us.


Finally, the Feast of Tabernacles:     


At first, I wasn’t sure how God included this feast into my story, but God then assured me that He would give me the words to say. The following day, He woke me up at 1:20am with a warm sensation in my heart followed by an instant vision in my mind and a clear message that followed. I wondered why God chose to wake me up in the middle of the night to give me these words regarding Tabernacles but then what instantly came to my mind was a verse from Matthew 24 where Jesus talks about the Bridegroom coming like a thief in the night. He will come like a thief in the night to tabernacle with us. So, what better time to commune with God over this idea.


Well, the clear vision and message that God woke me up to give me was this, that JOE, my bridegroom, provided the huppah, the covering. He was the one determined that we have a huppah. He designed it and built it completely by himself with the help of his father. He constructed a beautiful wooden wall and then made the poles that held the beautiful white linen covering. He then decorated it with wood stumps, flowers, and lanterns.


I had very little to do with this. The only thing I added to the final set up of the huppah was being led to place a menorah on the table under it. Wanting a Jewish inspired wedding but still longing to embrace the fact that I was a Gentile, I briefly struggled with using a menorah instead of just candles until God led me to the perfect thing. It was in fact a menorah but it’s base was the grafted in symbol. It had the ichthus (the Christian fish symbol) with a cross in the middle. It was Perfect!


I remember, during my bridge story waiting season, asking God a question. I did so during a moment of weakness, and I say weakness, because I didn’t just ask Him a question, I screamed it at Him in anger. But in His mercy, He chose to answer me anyway. I asked Him, “What are You waiting for?” I believed His promise. He had woven many stories into my life that I had written down and had faithfully begun to share, even with Joe. And through this testifying Joe had returned to me for the most part. So, I didn’t understand what I was still waiting for. Why the delay? Do we not all find ourselves thinking the same thing, wanting to ask God the same question in regards to Christ’s return, and also almost in a frustrated, angerly way?


Well, to help us all with this frustration, here was God’s merciful reply. He answered “For the moment when My glory will be best revealed.”


You see, I didn’t understand God’s timing then but now I see. He wants ALL at the wedding feast of the Lamb. He waited for a time in my life, a time He orchestrated, when both Jews and Gentiles would be represented at my wedding. For if you knew my background and the church I grew up in, what a testament this would be to you. For had Joe and I gotten married when I first wanted to marry him, the attendance at our wedding would have looked a lot different. But as it was, at this perfect time in our life, we had both Gentiles and Jews at our wedding. We also had both Jew and Gentile Davidic dancers at our wedding that danced dressed in white.


Only God. We are grafted in. We are all invited.


So, as I walked toward my bridegroom’s covering, the huppah that he had made just for me, I will never forget his face. It was the most beautiful face I had ever seen, one that was truly inviting me to come and tabernacle with him. 

I actually saw that same face again on the first day of Fall in 2023. Between the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement, Joe and I went to a museum that we have in our state that revolves around the birth of Christ. While there, at one point, while listening to a beautiful worship song and looking upon a scene that reflected the moment of Christ’s birth, Joe walked up and stood next to this scene and began looking straight at me. Once again there was that face, and deep within I just knew that it was Christ looking at me through Joe. For this face that smiled and beamed at me penetrated my soul. I then noticed something else, that directly on the other side of Joe was a beautiful tent canopy that they had erected to represent the Feast of Tabernacles. And in that moment, knowing based on my testimony just how much God uses Joe to represent Christ’s return, God brought a phrase strongly to my mind. It was: He came once to tabernacle with us and He is coming again.


Standing between a symbol of Christ’s birth and a symbol of His return, there was the ultimate Bridge Story but it wasn’t yet complete. It is a two-part bridge just as God has revealed to me that Revelation 12:11 is a two-part verse. “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Jesus came once to tabernacle with us as a baby and grew up to become the Lamb of God that took away the sins of the world, forming the first part of the bridge, but the second part belongs to us. The second half of the bridge, the half that starts where Christ left off is still incomplete for God is waiting on us. He is waiting on us to testify, to also give birth, like Mary, to the Word of our testimonies for the enemy is defeated once again by the Word of our testimonies. Christ is the Word of our testimonies which is why we also hold the same power.


So, I testify that God’s appointed times are alive and well and that He is still using them to speak. For they truly are set up and set apart to be rehearsals for things to come. So, as you reflect on them, I hope that you feel the nudge, the invitation of Christ reminding you of how He longs for His wedding day to you. He is looking upon all of us with that same FACE, longing once again to tabernacle with us, which is why He also longs/NEEDS for us all to make ourselves ready, to get His Bride ready, by rehearsing and collectively living lives that testify to Him, our ultimate Bridegroom. For, He knows that our collective testimonies will complete that great bridge, that final Bridge Story that will lead others to Christ, both Jew and Gentile, in this final hour, for God wants all at the true wedding feast of the Lamb and for all to join Him under His covering. Amen and amen.



Bridge Stories

(A Division of Bridegroom in the Clouds Ministry)


Bring the Bridge Stories ministry to your church or group. It is my desire to help your story become a bridge that leads others to Christ. My goal is to equip you to be better witnesses by learning how to find, record, and share your story as a way to lead others to Jesus. God longs to move in our lives in order to create stories worth testifying about. Let’s together bring Christ alive again to a dying world who desperately needs to know that He is still alive and moving within us - us His hands and feet and voice for a time such as this. 

Psalms 145:4 – “One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.”


Psalms 78:4 – “We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”


Psalms 102:18 – “Let this be recorded for future generations, so that a people not yet born will praise the Lord.”


Psalms 22:30 – “Our children will also serve him. Future generations will hear about the wonders of the Lord.”


I have always loved the story of Esther, a story that God has used mightily in my life, especially when it comes to understanding the power of a testimony. For God called Esther to shine, to be a vessel for His light. It was fitting then that her name actually meant “star." Her story is the only one in the Bible that does not mention either God or Jesus. Instead, she was the Star of her story, yet through her story we, without a doubt, see God. We clearly see His hand at work. We see how He orchestrated her life to save His people. Like Esther, God created us to be stars as well in our own stories, stories that He longs to use, like hers, to also save, for a time such as this. 

God has always called His people to testify. In fact, 40 out of the 66 books in the Bible are named after people, other Stars in God’s ever-unfolding story. God has aways used His people to bring forth His Word. And I don’t know about you but I am so glad that they took the time to testify, to record their stories for future generations. Well, God’s call on our lives remains the same. We are next in line. Like them, every one of us has a unique story to tell. As it says in Acts 14:17, God has not left Himself without testimony, never has and never will. For, He is the Living Word, able to be experienced in real-time, and because of that, each of our lives are meant to be the continuation of His story. We, like Esther, and all that have gone before, need to continue to aid the next generation with our testimonies “so that a people not yet born will praise the LORD (Ps. 102:18b).”

Those that actually wrote the Bible were simply writing about themselves or those they knew experiencing God and Jesus, sometimes in real time or at least within their lifetime. We see in the Book of Acts that the disciples started testifying to Jesus, which was simply the act of sharing their stories, their experiences of Jesus which were not that old. For people “took note that these men had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13b). There were times when they referred to the Torah, or the Old Testament, but usually this was in correlation with what they were sharing, to enhance their message, to align their testimonies with older ones, in order to bring even more proof and power to their witness. They very rarely simply quoted Old Testament Scripture in order to do the sole converting. Yet, are we not to follow in their example? Are we likewise testifying in real time? Are we sharing our experiences of Jesus as they happen or even just years later? No. Most of us are solely trying to convert people by sharing only older stories, the testimonies of people like the disciples. However, what if we shared these stories in correlation with our own personal, real-time stories? What if we aligned our testimonies with older ones, in order to bring even more proof and power to our witness as well. Can you imagine the impact? For, if we are honest with ourselves, simply quoting Scripture doesn’t have the impact on non-Christians that it used to. But what if, along with sharing about the miracles of the Bible, we also begin sharing miracles of our own. What if along with sharing about their experiences of Christ, we also share ours. What if we have stories just like the disciples had, stories that wow a new generation as their stories wowed their onlookers of the day. Jesus is still alive. He is still moving in our midst. He is the Living Word and desires to still be experienced in real time so that the world will know that we also have been with Jesus. Our voices have the power to bring Christ alive again to a world that desperately needs to know this truth.

God still longs to use us to save, to be His hands and feet and voice. He wants to use our lives and stories to be a bridge that leads others to Christ, just as He used the disciple’s stories and Esther’s story, etc. to be a bridge for us. For, when we share how God has transformed our lives, others are inspired to seek His love and grace forming new stories of their own, testimonies that will literally have the power to save. They hold this power because Jesus is the Word of our testimonies and when we experience Christ and then share these stories, He works through us to change lives. As is says in Revelation 12:11, we overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimonies. It is all about Christ living in and through us, the Living Word.

If you haven’t gathered yet, a testimony is more than a conversion story, the story of how someone came to know Jesus. Although this story is important and should be shared, too many stories stop there, and thus sadly, so does many relationships with the Lord. Too many people truly stop experiencing Jesus once they come to know Him. They just go through the motions. In reality however, our story of conversion should simply be the starting off point (or story) to a lifetime of stories and experiences of Jesus that tell of how He is still moving in and through our lives. Personally, my conversion story isn’t very exciting. In fact, I used to think that I didn’t have a testimony and struggled with this for years. This alone is a testament to God, of how He is now using me to encourage others to testify. For, He went on to give me an amazing testimony filled with stories that have nothing to do with my conversion, but simply a life filled with experiencing Him on a day-to-day basis through my personal relationship with Him.    

In fact, God went on to fill my life with so many stories, even supernatural stories, that for years I was afraid to speak out and share them, mostly because no one else around me had such stories or at least shared them. But guess what? A new time in history, in His Story, lies before us, for a time such as this, a time when stories like mine will not be unique or strange. For God longs to write, always has. He longs to reveal to you as well that you are a Star in a unique story that can impact lives, a story that will reveal that God is still alive and moving in our midst, something this world desperately needs now more than ever, especially as darker times unfold.  

So, let me help you. First, I have been capturing my testimony for close to 20 years now. Not only can I share different methods on how to do this and on how to get started, but I can testify to how this journey and discipline has truly changed my life. Second, let’s talk about how testifying takes many different forms. It isn’t just about written words but covers all of the God-given talents out there. The best example we have is King David. Most of the Psalms are in fact his testimony and even though we read them, they were actually songs. So, go ahead, testify through music, art, dance, you name it. Finally, let’s break down barriers together, especially the barrier of fear, and learn how to share our testimonies together. It can be scary to share your story, or your God-given talent, for Satan wants us to stay quiet, fearful, and thus hidden away. But it is time to rise above, to no longer keep our lights hidden. Instead, it is time, like Esther, to rise and shine. So, let’s shine Stars – Shine! Let’s together shine the light of Jesus Christ for the world to see that we might save as many as possible. Let us join our testimonies with those that have gone before us in order to form a bridge that everyone, even the hardest of hearts, will be wooed to cross over.

Join me!


*If you would like to know more about God's appointed times, click on the "God's Appointed Times" page or visit

 *Susan's ministry is named after her two-book series based on her testimony: Bridegroom in the Clouds: Book One – The Promise and Bridegroom in the Clouds: Book Two – Bridge Stories. You can find her books on her website or online where books are sold.


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