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("The Unveiling" Series 3, Post 13)


School is about out, so as God often does, when the summer comes around an end of a series takes place. So, I have a feeling this is the last post/video in this 3rd series, series 3 “The Unveiling.”

God is highly on the move and the reason why I haven’t posted in a few weeks is because I haven’t really known how to share what He has been showing me. But today He really laid it on my heart that He wanted me to give a message, so here it is. I hope that you will read this/ or watch the video, even if this is your first, however this post is truly for those that have journeyed with me; those that know me. For, God is speaking about bringing fulfillment to a promise that I have talked about A LOT. I am in full belief of this because of the many signs that God has been giving me, as you will hear about.

Like always, God wants you to hear this. Although a lot of this is geared just to me, we share the same God. When God speaks to me, He also speaks to you. So, I hope that you will be blessed by this message and these words for it is about breakthrough and I know that the breakthrough that God is promising me is something that He is promising ALL of His children. We are living in exciting times and the best is yet to come. Please pray about going back and starting this journey from the beginning, with Series 1 “God’s Unfolding Message” if you haven’t journeyed with me. It is a journey that is worth it! It is a journey for us all.

My last post was entitled “Second Hearing,” and in it I talked about how God called me to go back and reread and or recount my testimony as a way of preparing me for fulfillment. Within that message God revealed how Moses gave the Israelites a 40 day period to recount all that God had done to bring them to the edge of their promise, their promised land. And likewise, that Jesus also spent 40 days after His resurrection with His disciples recounting for them all that they had learned and experienced with Him before they also entered into the start of their true ministry or calling.

I have done my best to be faithful in reading my testimony, inspired to start with 2021. But as I read however, I struggled. For, another powerful purpose of looking back onto your testimony is that it can also expose the hand of the enemy. As I read some from 2021, I began to see several times that year where I gave into the voice of the enemy. As you can imagine, this didn’t help with my on-going battle with belief.

In church on Mother’s Day, God spoke:

Trust. Susan, I can be trusted. I know you have doubts but I promise the day is coming when they will flee. You will clearly be able to see what I said versus what the enemy said. You have been in a battle Susan, a battle for your mind, and your ministry. Satan desperately wants you to disbelieve, to have doubt that will ultimately cause you to lay down your true calling. Has it worked? No. Though doubt remains so does your calling and desire instilled by Me... Susan, you have heard Me enough to endure, to stand strong in your belief and to know that I WILL be faithful. The enemy has instilled lies about specific things and timing, but remember that he CANNOT take away the true promise for My promises are yes and amen. I gave you a promise many years ago that you will have a ministry. This promise is sure. This promise is true and this promise is what I am calling you to believe. Everything else should be laid at My feet and surrendered. I promise to give you the details that you need to know when you need to know them. Satan loves to throw you off course with specifics Susan for he knows your trigger points, your desperation. But I am nothing if not faithful and My true promise to you WILL come to pass just as others have. My faithfulness can easily be seen in your life Susan. . . Free yourself Susan. Free yourself of guilt and for giving into Satan’s attacks for I am your Redeemer and I redeem you now. You are redeemed, now and always.

My people, what truth do you need reaffirmed today? I proclaim to you many. For Satan is the father of lies and deception and his lies have gotten through too many of you. Therefore, return to Me, your redeemer and let Me revive you, refresh you, and remind you of ALL truth. But this can only be done if you return to Me and My Word. Though you stop seeking Me and My truth, I assure you Satan never stops deceiving, therefore where do you stand on My Word, My truth? Pure or deceived? Let Me show you, My children. Return to Me, to My feet, and be still in My presence. Let Me fill you anew with My truth, My Word, and My Spirit. I love you. Amen and amen.

During his sermon, my pastor read John 8:44 which says, “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

After our worship time, a man was inspired to get up to give a prophetic word. After quoting from 1 Chronicles 14, he said that “God is the master of breakthrough.” He then said, “Those things you have been praying for, He wants to give you a breakthrough this morning.” He then kept repeating the word “breakthrough” as he continued to speak. My pastor then got up and asked, “Who needs a breakthrough today? A breakout?” He then said, “This breakthrough has been happening for a long time… God wants you to personally embrace that reality today, like David did. Put your faith and trust in Him and He will do it.”

I then heard:

Susan, breakthrough IS upon you, My child. This promise is true. This promise is sure. And this promise CAN be trusted.

I knew God was speaking to me through that prophetic word for I have been praying for breakthrough for a long time, often using that very word. I even wanted to put it on my Bible study’s long-term prayer request list but didn’t out of fear of what the others would think, but God knows my heart and that this has been my constant prayer for quite a while now, having waited almost 16 years now on God’s promise. Satan knows this to and has tried to give me his version of breakthrough options which of course leads to nothing, disappointment, and doubt, but thankfully My God is a forgiver, Redeemer, and is faithful. Although Satan can and has distorted my promise, I know that he cannot take away the promise, for as God said, His promises are yes and amen. I even have in my testimony past promises that Satan tried to distort but sure enough they were an Amen. I have an Amen to those and exist within their fulfillment.

My pastor then said, “We take communion at the beginning of the service today as a sign of breakthrough.” With that what came to my mind as I took communion is how Christ’s sacrifice is what makes breakthrough even possible. The Blood of the Lamb is what brings forth, or makes possible, the Word of our testimony, our very lives and stories. I got a reminder of this very concept after having just read a portion of my testimony from 2021 that very morning before church. Here is what I said regarding that year’s women’s retreat from my testimony:


Today was the women’s retreat at church. The theme was “Shine” and so of course I knew that God had something to say through that. Before attending that morning, I had had a conversation with Joe about their logo, wondering why they had chosen a heart instead of a star. The logo consisted of a heart in two pieces with the word “Shine” between them and a few light beams coming out of the top right corner of the heart.

While at the retreat, purposely choosing a table upfront for my mom that doesn’t see well, I ended up standing right next to the cross on the stage. As we begin to worship, I found myself staring at the crown of thorns that hung on the cross and was greatly moved by it. I started to envision that bloodied Jesus that used to stand outside my bathroom door while I was in the shower as a child, and my revelation became this: It is all because of the Blood of the Lamb.

Only by His Blood/sacrifice do I even have a testimony. He summoned it forth by His Blood. After asking God to reveal the purpose of this particular logo that they had chosen being a heart and not a star, God made it clear. Christ’s sacrifice, His love, His Blood, His burst and broken heart, is what allows us to shine. It goes back to the Blood.

After this I was reminded of the conversation that I had had with my mother-in-law about Peter disappointing Jesus. During that conversation she had also brought up Jesus’ Blood and talked about how there isn’t enough emphasis on the blood anymore.

What God then showed me, is that unlike Saul, whom God wrote off, He will not write me off because I (praise the Lord) live on this side of the cross, of the Blood. Thank You Lord. My ability to shine like a star is completely because of the Blood of the Lamb. The Blood of the Lamb is what summons forth the Word of our testimony. I needed to be reminded of this.

I forgot that I had included that section of when I was a child. But yes, when I was a child and I would stand in the shower, I would get so afraid because almost every time I was in there I would have a vision of a very bloodied Jesus, bloodier than any movie I had seen at that age. That was scary for a little kid but as I got older and my life and calling became all about Revelation 12:11, God brought me revelation, showing me that even as a child that He was summoning forth the Word of my testimony. Most of my written testimony eventually came about from my shower times because there I would talk and commune with God. I always considered it after that my form of meeting with Jesus at the well. We overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony and the Blood of the Lamb always wants to summon forth our testimony. Because of the Blood we can shine forth through our stories.

Anyway, when I got home from church that day, I looked up 1 Chronicles 14. For although the man with the prophetic word of “breakthrough” had quoted from that passage, I had missed what he said. I instantly burst into tears when I read it for although I had forgotten, God did not. For, along with praying for breakthrough over the last few years, I also would pray a prayer based on this passage. 1 Chronicles 14:1-2 says, “Now Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David, along with cedar logs, stonemasons and carpenters to build a palace for him. And David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel and that his kingdom had been highly exalted for the sake of his people Israel.”

The reason why that passage used to speak to me is because it intrigued me. It intrigued me that even after everything David had been through, had seen and heard, even being anointed as a child, that it took that moment for him to truly know that the Lord had indeed established him as king. I guess first, it made me feel better about myself, for although God has done and said a lot concerning His promise to me as well, even giving me visions as a child, I still have not arrived at complete belief. Or if I have, I don’t stay there very long. But second, it seems nor did David until that very freeing moment. As God has heard a lot from me, I have longed for a similar freeing moment. That was the basis of my prayer along with breakthrough, to have a moment when all doubt would finally be gone and I would know like David that God truly did make a promise to me.

That following Wednesday, for our 9-year anniversary, Joe and I went to a blessed, Christian museum that God has used several times now to mightily speak to me. This time was no exception for God continued to speak about breakthrough and about how it is only possible because God brought forth the Lamb to take away the sins of the world. Only because of Christ’s blood can I shine or have a testimony, a ministry that can break through or break out. It all comes back to Him.

There is a lot to say about our visit but the greatest moment of revelation came to me when they were talking about an old stone door. Early on in their endeavors, while they were handling it, it cracked completely into two pieces. They put it back together and it now leans against a wall. I see God in this now because that crack through the door looked like the diagonal split in that heart, that logo at that women’s retreat. But this time while they were talking about this door and how it had cracked, God brought me revelation by bringing to my mind the curtain to the temple and how it had also once ripped into two pieces from top to bottom. This let everyone know that it was time to enter in and that this place was now open to all, that the Blood of the Lamb had paved the way for all of us to enter into full relationship with God, a true breakthrough indeed. I knew in that moment what God was saying to me, that He was giving me a perfect visual of another true breakthrough. For, I used to envision a door, back in 2021, just like that stone door, envisioning God breaking it open, or breaking it apart, and as I envisioned this, I knew God was speaking about future fulfillment.

Later as we looked at something else in the museum, God spoke to me. He said:

I am in complete control Susan - COMPLETE CONTROL. Relinquish control and then watch Me move. I am at work, greatly at work. Great wonders surround you and will befall you. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD WHO TAKES AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD. Susan, your sins are forgiven, past, present, and future. By My Blood you are made new, righteous, and able to be used for a time such as this. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Right then I heard one of the leaders say, “We can tell the story. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”

God then said:

What joy awaits you, Susan. I am on the move. Believe My daughter. My faithfulness is at hand. BREAKTHROUGH. I broke through that stone Susan . . . Rejoice! Believe!

In church this last Sunday (5-21-23) God spoke and this is what He said to ALL of us:

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He came once and He is coming again but before He comes again in the flesh He will arise through My people in full glory, power, and truth. This season belongs to you, My Bride. This time is yours. Believe and rejoice.

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world - the WHOLE WORLD. Your Redeemer lives. He lives in you, therefore testify. Cry out and don’t hold back. It’s time. Your season is now. I have not left myself without testimony, therefore if you have nothing to say about Me then you need to repent, turn from your wicked ways, and come back to Me. Return. Return to Me, the giver of all true life and hope and stories. I long to fill your life with stories that will bring Christ to life again for a whole new generation, a desperate generation. For He is the Word of your testimonies. My people, when you experience Me, you experience My Son, and when this takes place lives change and the world notices. Return to Me. Sit at My feet. Let Me speak to you and begin to move in your life like never before. I Am ready. I Am eager. I long to meet you and show up for you like never before. I Am real. I Am alive, and I Am ready to speak to you, to fill you with My Spirit anew. Be redeemed. Be revived or come alive truly for the first time, for many of you think you know Me but don’t truly know Me. Therefore, a new day is here. A new season is at hand, a New Spring, when I will pour out My Spirit upon this earth like never before. But don’t wait. Return to Me now. Get to know Me again now. I Am worthy. I Am Yahweh. I Am love. Believe and rejoice. Believe and rejoice. I proclaim a season of hope, joy, love, and great purpose is at hand for I am faithful. Every one of My promises is yes and amen. If I placed desires within you then be prepared for My great faithfulness. Amen and amen.

God then spoke to me again and said:

Susan, what joy awaits you as you continue to believe and take steps of faith within your belief. I will direct your steps like never before. Just relax and watch Me move. What joy this will bring you to have a front row to My faithfulness. Your life will never be the same My love for great change is at hand, truly great change. CHANGE! It is here. It is now. It is time.

After that the worship leader talked about the meaning of commencement, that it is not an ending but a beginning. He then said that he had been to 14 graduation parties the day before. I couldn’t help but to think that God was speaking through that, about the true length of time that I waited to start ministering through my testimony, for it was actually 14 years. God gave me my calling in 2007 but it wasn’t until 2021, 14 years later, that I ended up publishing my testimony and truly putting it out there for the first time. I was then inspired to draw a picture of that stone door I had just seen a few days before with the crack running through it and right next to it in all capital letters: BREAKTHROUGH. I then heard my pastor say, “The atmosphere is changing. Who needs change today?” I knew God was speaking to me.

After that, God’s symbolism seemed to be everywhere, especially in the title of the sermon which was, “The Time Has Come Today.” I could tell from the bulletin that the title was supposed to originally just be “The Time Has Come” but that they had decided to add the word “Today” for you could see this new title on the screen in front of us next to a picture of an hourglass.

My pastor then got up and just seemed to say one sentence after another filled with God’s confirmation. He said, “Time was created for us.” “Seasons. God holds it in His hands.” “This is your time.” “God created this time for us.” “This is our time.” “Here we are today in this time.”

He then read Philippians 1:6 which says, “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

He then said, “Today is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.” “This is your time and you have been chosen for this time.” “This time, this day could change everything.”

Then after grabbing my communion elements, I heard God say, “It’s your time.” My pastor then began to pray and he ended his prayer by saying “This journey. Lord, You started it, You’ll finish it. This is your time.”

God started my journey, and He is going to be faithful to finish it. Although I may have wandered in the desert for a time, God has still faithfully brought me to the brink of my promised land. The same is true for ALL of us. Breakthrough and this time in history is not just for me, it’s for all of us. The Blood of the Lamb is summoning forth the Word of all of our testimonies. As God has often said, “It is Revelation 12:11 time.” It is all about the vision God once gave me of His Wonderful Web of Wonder: Us, God’s Stars, aligned, covered by the Blood of the Lamb, testifying to the Lord Jesus Christ. That is Revelation 12:11. This is God’s Temple. This is His Bride doing what He created us to do. It is our time. It is our season. Our breakthrough or break out is NOW. So, cry out. Don’t hold back. This is our New Spring. It is TIME! Amen and amen.

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